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Cognitive Psychology Quiz

Updated on August 30, 2018

The Basics: Diverse Perspectives

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The Basics: Diverse Perspectives

Which of the following might be a research topic for a psychologist?

Athletic development

Sexual orientation

Bone structure

Migration patterns of butterflies

Which psychological perspective typically focuses on traits advantageous to survival?





Which psychological perspective focuses on behavior resulting from unconscious memories and desires?





Of the seven psychological perspectives, which would most likely consider brain functions when assessing a patient?





The humanistic psychological perspective focuses on behavior that results from _____________.

natural selection

cultural pressures

free will and self-actualization

decision making

Brain Imaging

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Brain Imaging

The MKM system is:

a new surgical microscope.

a group of interrelated brain structures.

A type of lesion.

a brain imaging technique that tracks blood flow in the brain.

The 'bump in the back of your head' mentioned in the migraine segment is __________________.

the final event of a migraine

a brain tumor

evidence of a head injury

where vision starts radiating forward

According to the clip, one of the unusual features of migraines is:

brain waves cross the entire brain in less than a second brain

changes occur from the front to the back of the brain

a very large part of the brain is effected

brain changes take almost a half of an hour to spread

Visual Brain: Mechanisms of Perception

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Visual Brain: Mechanisms of Perception

Information from the ____________ travels along the cranial nerves to the solitary nucleus in the medulla.


taste receptor nuclei.

taste mucosas.

the tongue.

taste buds.

the _______________________ is arranged somatotopically; organized according to a map of the body surface.

posterior nucleus

primary somatosensory cortex


right parietal lobe

The _________________ is snail-shaped and filled with fluid.


organ of the corti


inner ear

A region of the secondary auditory cortex responds to ____________ information.





What's In It For Me?: Perceptual Magic in Art

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What's In It For Me?: Perceptual Magic in Art

Cues used for perceiving depth based on one eye only are called _____________.

depth cues

monocular cues

binocular cues

cycloptic cues

One illusion that artists often use in their drawings is called _____________, the tendency for lines that are actually parallel to seem to converge.

linear divergence

the phi phenomenon

linear perspective

parallel convergence

The 3-D effect of our combined retinal images is called ___________.

retinal 3-D vision

3-D stereoscopic vision

retinal imagery

3-D combined images

What would a sound artist try to exploit to create a sound illusion?

Sensory expectation

Perceptual expectation

Auditory perception

Depth perception

Filmmakers use the _____________, an optical illusion in which a sequence of still images shown in rapid succession creates the perception of movement.

3-D phenomenon

the shepherd tone

movement illusion

phi phenomenon

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