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Cold Sore Prevention and Treatment

Updated on November 15, 2015

Cold Sores and How they Begin

Not everyone's cold sores are triggered by the same thing. There are several factors that can contribute to cold sores or herpes simplex virus-1.

Some ways to avoid them include fighting fatigue, staying calm and relieving stress, keep yourself warm in the winter time, stay out of the sun, hormonal changes such as menstrual cycles, trauma such as dental injuries, colds, fevers, flu and other who may have an outbreak.

Most of the time you cannot prevent a cold sore but you can take time to prevent the outbreaks and relieve the pain.

As someone who has plagued by cold sores especially since I have a low immune system due to my spleen being removed. I can tell you, I have tried all of the treatments that others have suggested to me. My cold sores have been so outstanding that my lip looks huge, I have had them near my eyes and a form of shingles near my fingers.

Treatments have included doctor visits, prescriptions, ice, peroxide, baking soda, and many other suggestions that never worked for me. Below are the ones that have work in the past and others have recommended them also.

L-Lysine and Cold Sores

A couple of years ago someone suggested to me that I use Lystine for cold sores. I purchased the lip balm version and it provided some relief. Lysine is for the immune system so it makes sense for it to help with the prevention of cold sores.

Purchasing the tablet or caplets form was a wake up call. The suggested dosage is to take a couple of tablets as soon as you feel a tingling begin. Continue to take them every 2 to 3 hours for 4 or 5 days or until the cold sore is no longer a threat.There is no need to take the pills every day if you do not have any cold sores. It's also a great relief for Shingles. While trying to find the right dosage I experimented and decided that taking a tablet or two every 3 or 4 hours works best until there is no sign of a cold sore. Each case is different so be sure to find out what works best for you.

According to WebMd Lysine seems to prevent the herpes virus from growing. It is used for preventing and treating cold sores and is taken orally or applied directly to the skin. It can cause some side effects such as a stomach ache or diarrhea. Always check with your health care provider before taking any supplements.

The following is the standard recommendation for taking Lysine (again I take more when I start feeling an outbreak but that is what works for me).

By Mouth - For cold sores (herpes simplex ): 1000 mg daily for 12 months and 1000 mg three times daily

Applied to the Skin - For treating cold sores (herpes simplex labialis): a specific combination of lysine plus zinc oxide and 14 other ingredients applied every 2 hours for 11 days has been used.

Lemon Balm and Cold Sores

Lemon Balm was originally used to extend life and help with aging although this was never proven. Recent studies have shown that it has antibacterial, and antiviral properties, as well as being high in antioxidant properties. It has been studied and shown that lemon balm can actually stimulate the immune system, therefore helping in the prevention of cold sores.

Lemon Balm is highly effective when used early on a cold sore. Lemon Balm comes in caplet form and can be taken internally, there is also a Lemon Balm extract, a Salve that can be applied to the lips and also a Lemon Balm tea that is great for drinking.

Lemon Balm tea can be used also by applying the warm (not too hot) tea to the infected area with a cotton ball as well as making tea and drinking it.

The balm helps reduce healing time. The Lemon Balm capsules can be used as directed. Capsules have been suggested for use in relieving stressful situations and anxiety as well.

One suggestion before trying Lemon Balm or Lysine is to read the reviews on Amazon and to check out articles on health web sites such as Web MD. Also, be sure to speak with a professional before taking any supplements or mixing them with other medications.

Dr. Oz Supplements


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    • craftdrawer profile image

      craftdrawer 6 years ago

      I have had great results when taking the Lysine orallly. Thanks for commenting!

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Good one! I suffer from cold sores when under stress or in cold weather, usually. I've found that the Herpecin L lip balm works well. I guess the L stands for Lysine. I have heard that the pill form is very good. I should try that. Thanks for the information! Voted useful and up!

    • Rhelena profile image

      Rhelena 6 years ago

      I used to have a lemon balm plant and I loved making the tea. Never knew the plant had this benefit, but it is good to know. Thank you! :)