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Helpful Tips for Writing Effective College Admission Essays

Updated on February 18, 2011

Do you already have a prospective college in mind yet apprehensive to apply because you’re afraid to write a college admission essay? Or probably, you already have the things you want to write on your head but find it difficult to put it in paper? College admission essays are a crucial aspect of college and university applications. It is one of the criteria in which your prospective college would gauge your capacity and skills for learning so it is a must to ensure that you made a quality essay. After all, first impressions last and if your college admission essay is no good, it might also be your last impression to give. Here are some tips to guide you in writing that winning essay.

1.      College admission essays are structured. This means that your essay must be well-organized in such a way that the ideas flow with continuity. It is best that you create an outline on how you would tackle the topic you would discuss before moving on to the writing process itself.


2.      College admission essays are clear. This means that you have to be direct to the point. Using jargons and flowery words would not impress the school administrator who would read your essay. Use words that you are familiar with when writing to avoid confusing yourself and the receiver of your letter. As much as possible try to keep your sentence structure simple and easy to understand.


3.      College admission essays are focused. This means that you have to concentrate on one aspect of the topic, emphasize a particular strength that you have, or focus on one example. Even if the college admission essay requires you to answer several questions, your response should highlight a circumstance in which your capabilities would be best showcased.


4.      College admission essays are free from errors. After you have finished writing your essay, be sure to proofread it first before submitting. Better yet, have someone else check your paper. It is fairly common that you tend to miss out on glaring errors after spending so much time and effort in writing your essay. Ask a professor, a friend, or someone who you know would have an objective opinion and who could identify grammar and spelling errors.


College admission essays are important aspect of college applications because it gives your prospective college a glimpse of you. Just as important is your knowledge about the school. Be sure that before you apply, you have researched about the college or university to which you are applying as this might also be of help in improving the quality of your essay. Check out their website and try to incorporate significant facts about the school—i.e. mission, vision, awards, and accomplishments, which you could cite on your college admission essay.   


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