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College Fraud 2019 - Still An Ongoing Crisis

Updated on May 6, 2019

College Fraud 2019

America's Department of Education allows college fraud to occur in America. We ain't talking about students cheating on exams or copying essays word for word either. We are talking about colleges and universities signing up students for a worthless college degree that cannot land the student a job in their field after graduation. Students are then left with student loan debt ranging from $30,000.00 to $150,000.00, and higher.

Look right here, I graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2008 with a Bachelors in Information Technology, I applied 40 times to my own schools I.T. department, and was shut down 40 times with no word from human resources. And I am left with $40,000.00 in student loan debt. Would you say that is a joke? Well... my 3.9 grade point average was a joke!

What can be done?

Well the Department of Education is fraud itself as it closes colleges and universities because they commit fraud but does nothing for the majority of students left with student loan debt.

One instance was a student at Corinthian College. So she graduated and couldn't get a job. So she accessed help from her colleges job placement office. And you know what she got? She was desperate. Bills are due, rent is due, student loan is due, she needed a job quick! Well she got a job as a temporary employee, with no benefits, at the local Macy's store.

Read NBC's online article taken directly from the web site:

"For example, the government found that Corinthian campuses paid temporary employment agencies to hire their graduates and send them back to the same campuses — counting them as having been successfully placed in careers. And Corinthian locations counted students who were already working before they even enrolled as having been successfully placed."

You can read the full article at the link below:

Is this a joke? No this is real! And so what did the Department of Education do? Well they closed down all of Corinthian College. Massive Corinthian shut down! And so the student was able to have her student loans "forgiven", erased from her credit reports. There was a lawsuit but I don't know what the settlement was.

So... now you are thinking that all students who attended Corinthian College should have all their student loans forgiven right? Nope!

Students, regardless if they graduated or not, and I would think if the student failed the class (with student loan, of course), who attended colleges that were shut down by the Department of Education, need to prove to the Department of Education that they were misled and lied to.

But what are we proving, that a Corinthian College degree, certificate, diploma, can get us a temp job at Macy's after graduation? Ridiculous!

I'm a health insurance claims auditor and believe me, the Department of Education would have to write laws for students who failed their classes with their student loans because the Department of Education is really not that... educated! There are exclusions and exemptions since each student may have the same situation or not.

Getting back to the Department of Education (DOE), we know, they commit fraud, and we know, they allow colleges and universities to commit fraud too, but why DOE, do students and college graduates of closed schools, need to prove to you, that fraud is going on?

Let's take to statistics, how many college graduates of a college or university, can successfully get a job in their field of study. If none can get a job, then that school is only getting money (student loans), the graduates are not getting their job titles, the school needs to be shut down, and the students and graduates of the school needs to have all their student loans forgiven. What other proof is needed? 200 graduates and not 1 found a job in their field after graduating. Forgive all!

And the University of Phoenix is no different. The University of Phoenix needs to be shut down like all Corinthian Colleges, current and former students and graduates with student loans need to have all their loans forgiven, and the students should be paid settlement monies for all their time and efforts wasted.

The Department of Education is unfair for closing down all of Corinthian Colleges and erasing student loan debt for its students but not closing down the University of Phoenix for the doing the same thing Corinthian did.

The University of Phoenix needs to be shut down!

Believe me the Department of Education can pay! If the Department of Education can provide statistics showing $1.6 trillions of dollars in student loan debt, then they can forgive all that debt, convert the debt into lawsuit settlement money, and pay off all the students who were, or still are, victims of college fraud!

Students graduate with college degrees, that can't find jobs in their field of study, and are left with student loan debt, is fraud!

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