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College Guide to Using Google Books to Your Advantage!

Updated on July 14, 2015
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Use! I swear, it makes it so easy! In many cases you can actually buy the book on google, for cheaper than in the book store. Look at this tutorial and weigh out your choices!

How to use to your advantage in school:

Step 1 pull up the site, and search your book. Include the title, author and edition if needed. My example is The Power of Art.

Step 2: Search and then the results will come up. Sometimes it can be difficult to find your book, keep searching and narrowing down your results. I always have issues finding one of my books that I know is on, (Understanding normal and clinical nutrition). That’s why I have began saving my books to my library as soon as I find and use them.

So now select your book and this screen will come up.

Step 3: You see where it says search, obviously, type in your key words here.

Step 4: As you can see I typed in the simple name, Picasso. This will bring up every entry available about Picasso in this book. Now, this is a limited edition, meaning it does not supply the entire book. This means that you can not find all the answers as easily towards the end of the semester, but it will still tell you the pages your answer can be found on and a brief sentence that may or may not give you the answer you were looking for.

Step 5: Above I typed in a possible test question, as you can see, the answer does not come up so clearly. This is because the book does not state things as a test question would. It states things in a factual manner. Don’t ask a question like I did in the above pictures, type in key words as shown below.

Step 6: And there you see the key words highlighted, all together. That’s more often than not where you will find the answer, in the gap between all the highlights.

So that's it! Y'all let me know if you have any questions!

My book my have been a limited edition but I still managed to get my answers from! If you want to know how I did this, just ask!(:

I purchase my books from. . .

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