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College Opportunities through Pell Grant for Unemployed Veterans

Updated on January 29, 2014

What is Pell Grant

If you are a veteran who needs financial help to continue education, you might want to check out Pell Grant. Getting some funds for college is possible through this program by the US Department of Education. There aren't really special programs for those with a military service; you need to apply and have your application assessed along with other applicants. Pell Grant for veterans is looked kindly. So, complete your application and include the information about your military stint to stand a better chance to get the maximum benefits.

How Pell Grant for Veterans Helps

Pell Grant is a federal program that was created and designed to provide financial aid to needy families that have children who are qualified to enroll in college. It is actually open to all US citizens and eligible non citizens as long as they are eligible based on the evaluation to be done on their application.

The grants are determined based on their needs, but being a veteran or a child of a veteran may improve your chance. Completely filling your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) means providing answers that informs the evaluators that you are a veteran or you are a child of an unemployed veteran. On the printable FAFSA, there is a question 44h- "Veterans noneducation benefits, such as Disability, Death Pension, or Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and/or VA Educational Work-Study allowances." Question 49 also inquires if you are a veteran of the U.S. armed forces. These information must be able to help you get approved more easily and be awarded the maximum benefits.

Pell Grant For Veterans
Pell Grant For Veterans

The Importance of the Application Process

These questions on 44h and 49 are good reasons why the complete filling of FAFSA is that important. In fact, it can be regarded as an investment for all applicants who are aspiring to finish college through the help of the federal government. Everything that Pell Grant evaluators need to know is supposed to be found in this application form if only it is answered completely.

FAFSA can be accessed and filled out online; that makes the process less cumbersome on the part of the applicants especially ex-military that has physical disabilities. Among other information, this asks you to list the income and assets of your immediate family. Other details like the size of the family, the number of family members in college and your student status (full-time or part-time) are important. These are relevant in the computation of your EFC (expected family contribution) or the amount of financial assistance that your family may provide you. This establishes your financial need that Pell Grant can award to you.

Eligibility and New Rules

Pell Grant assists only qualified applicants. This means that you need to be eligible in order that you will be awarded financial help. It is intended for needy high school graduates who want to go to college. If you have not finished high school yet, it is important to complete secondary school first before making the application.

There have also been changes in the rules recently to be able to accommodate more applicants. It is critical that you understand the rules before you make the application; do not be misguided by the information you gather from ex-beneficiaries of Pell Grant because certain rules have already changed. For instance, you need to finish college in six years unlike before when the student can avail of the grant for nine years. You cannot also be a probationary student for two semesters; you will lose your eligibility that way.

While veterans are looked kindly, you are expected to apply because Pell Grant for veterans is not automatic. Toeing the rules is also a must for you to be able to enjoy the privileges that come with Pell Grant.


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