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College Prerequisites for a Career as a Saucier Chef

Updated on September 20, 2014

In high end kitchens, a saucier chef plays an important role in plating the dish and sauce preparation. Saucier chef works in coordination with head chef and chef de partie.

The food industry is one of the big and lucrative industries in the current market scenario. People are opting in to work in this industry as a career option. One of the important aspects of the food industry is the food preparation. The success of a hotel or restaurant or any eating place is mainly dependent on the quality and the taste of the food. So a good chef can make or break a business. People interested in a cooking career can opt to become a chef.

The chef arena is a vast field with different specializations. Specialization can be as a fish chef, fry chef, saucier chef, Roast chef, rounds man, vegetable chef, pastry chef, pantry chef, butcher and grill chef. The most common tasks of saucier chefs include making of gravies, sauces, soups and stocks of all kinds.

Associations for Chefs also provide training and certifications to the chefs. There are different levels of certification. The training may include hands on job and classroom study. The potential saucier chef can learn the techniques and skills required for a career. Further for deeper knowledge, Associate degrees can be pursued. Many Culinary schools offer Associate degrees. Associate degree trains the student with the overall aspects involved in the kitchen as a chef. A student while pursuing an Associate degree in a culinary school can choose saucier chef training elective to deeply understand the subject. The cooking school provides sufficient training for the degree holder to take up a job.

A student can continue the studies in a cooking school to obtain a bachelor’s degree after the Associate degree. Culinary school requirements for a bachelor’s degree are a minimum of high school or an Associate degree. If the student has completed an Associate degree, then the culinary school requirements are relaxed and the bachelor’s degree will only be for two years. Otherwise the course extends for four years.

In the last two years of the bachelor’s degree, the student is trained extensively in a particular area of interest. A student interested in a career as a saucier chef will be trained in the different aspects such as sauce preparation, stew preparation, preparing sauté ingredients or preparation of appetizers.

After completing four years of Bachelor’s degree, the student has to take up an unpaid internship under an experienced saucier chef. After the completion of the internship, a saucier chef can search for jobs. Most of the restaurants may not employ a saucier chef without at least two years experience. Gaining experience is very vital.

Culinary schools are helping to bring out quality chefs in the food industry.


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