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College syllubi

Updated on March 11, 2016


Six years ago I quit school due to financial issues. Not only that I had failed miserably and it was one of the last few quarters I had to do before I was able to graduate with a general studies associates degree. Currently back in college six years later I have done a plethora of research due to organization and tips for study habits.

I came across a few articles that gave me enormous ideas for how to organize not only my room but my life too. I have decided to take the path of studying Spanish first for one year to get my gpa back up to par as well as my financial situation. This article is geared towards strategies on planning out your quarter and keeping it together. Here are a few ideas and guide lines to help those just starting college or working towards finishing their degree.


I'm not kidding about this. I cannot stress this enough it is VERY important to read the syllabus. I was always lazy back in the day and just "went with the flow" so to speak. Read everything. This includes first to last page, highlighting big bold letters or words with different fonts etc. this will help you realize whats more important and what sections of the class are important from greatest to least.


Insert important due dates into your planner and look at it. Read it every day. Its really easy to forget things if you don't constantly write them down. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle WRITE IT DOWN ! Major tests and exams are most important however if you feel better writing down homework and such also so you don't forget them by all means write that down also.

3. Excel spreed sheet reminders

I was looking randomly through excel to organize my planner and I found you can use the templates they have for college students or just flat out planning your day. I have printed one off and hung it on my wall so I can high light as I go so I don't miss out on anything important for my class. There's even ones you can use to fill out time and what hours you will be doing certain activities for the day.

4. Google Calendar

I love Google Calendar. I can organize it by color and arrange the times for different activities and it sents me alerts to my iphone. I'm sure you can use this with any smartphone. I just love that I get alerts 15-20 before I work or any other activities I have going on that day. This is the same as the spreed sheet tablet however the only difference is is that it will send reminder alerts to your phone.

Using any one of these methods can really help you out and save your grade. I really enjoy learning about different ways to study. I will have visual examples down below. What do you do to stay organized? Let me know in the comments below!


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