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Colleges: Building or Breaking You?

Updated on May 3, 2020
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I Am Currently A Student At One Of The Universities In Kenya, Living And Learning From The Institution Has Given Me A Chance To Learn

University Students Relaxing
University Students Relaxing

Colleges/Universities As Places Of Success

Colleges/Universities are some of the best places to be as a student pursuing a career in a place of your interest. What is not known to many is the fact that the same places perceived as center of excellence often destroy people and at the same time it can be a good place that one needs.

The population, the structures, the resources available at your reach, the diverse communities brought together and every good thing colleges have to offer can be used or taken advantage of by the student.

How Higher Learning Institutions Can Build You

Colleges/universities can be that paradise you have been waiting for all your life. Use the opportunities provided to build yourself. Below are some of the opportunities colleges offer and how you can build yourself.

  1. The High Population At The Institutions, Some people may see this as a problem but it is an opportunity for you. The college gives you the chance to interact with the many students brought together for academic purposes. The connections you will need later in future is got from this place. Take your time and get to know people, thank me later
  2. Make Use Of The Facilities Offered, Colleges offer all the facilities relevant in your area of study, if you have the brains required then use it to make something. Be innovative and make it happen at this place, it's the only place you can express yourself in terms of science
  3. Improve On Your Communication Skills, Communication is always key in one's life and if you have trouble with it then this might just be what you need. Interacting with people will require this and as you meet people you will eventually develop this without you knowing it.
  4. Develop Leadership Skills, Leadership skills can be easily attained at this place. Later on, you will realize how much skill is more important than anything and is required by most employers. The college will give you a chance to get into such clubs training this skill.
  5. Grow That Confidence You Have Been Lacking, As the saying goes, true confidence is created, it is not something you are created with. Working with people from different parts in their way requires confidence. To stand up and convince learned guys to agree to your point is what we call confidence which is crucial in your life as a person.
  6. Design Your Future, Meet your partner here, meet your workmate here, meet your service providers here. This place allows you to plan and decide how and who to include in your future life, the one you always long for. Many can testify that it is in this place that they met their spouses.

University Should Be A Place Of Light, Of Liberty, And Of Learning

University Is The Best Couple Of Years Of Your Life. Nowhere Else Can You Drink And Chase As Many Birds
University Is The Best Couple Of Years Of Your Life. Nowhere Else Can You Drink And Chase As Many Birds

Breaking You For Good

The fact that the place gives you all you need to take off does not mean that everything is alright. Not everyone comes out of that place smiling, most of the people who make it to colleges come out worse than before. It, therefore, requires you to be very vigilant in whatever you've set yourself.

The factors below might ruin your life for good so watch out

  1. The Numerous Friends, Friends have always been an issue and it has been said many times that you are who your friends are. Choosing of friends has always been difficult for the freshmen and women joining college and mostly they have ended up with real craps. The friends may then lead you to drug abuse, crimes and the rest in which after you are hooked getting out might be out of the question.
  2. Peer Pressure, People tend to change their lifestyle as a result of peer pressure from people around them. Very many people can bear me witness and some can testify that at some point in their college life they adopted what they did not use initially and they stayed hooked in for good. This might be dressing mode forcing you to steal money to keep up.
  3. Drugs And Hard Substances, Drugs are nowadays like the new trend in town, most students use it and it seems just normal for everyone. Once this notion gets into your head as a campus student then you are losing it. This becomes one of the things that become part of you and getting out might never be realized.

Take good care not to find yourself hooked up in any of the scenarios because getting out might become a dream that is never realized. College life is always the best with the right intentions in a student's life so take care.

Life Is My College. May I Graduate Well, And Earn Some Honors


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