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Colourful Personality Test

Updated on February 3, 2011

Spirit Whisperer uses The Luscher Color Test

Colourful Personality Test

Our eyes are windows through which we view a tiny fraction of the world we live in. Everything in this world vibrates and it is the frequency of the vibration that determines its form. The atoms of a rock vibrate at a lower frequency to the atoms of water and water molecules vibrate at a lower frequency to the molecules of a gas. The higher the frequency the less bound the atoms are and the freer they are to move.

We too vibrate and it is the frequencies of our brain waves that dictate our state of consciousness, our mood, and the people and circumstances we attract. Have you ever noticed how people in a room will gravitate to each other in groups? We are drawn to people who share the same interests and life experiences. It is as if we each have an antenna on the top of our heads and we send out and receive signals through this antenna. We only receive signals from the people we are tuned in to and only people tuned in to our frequency receive our signals.

Our eyes can only see a very small fraction of the frequencies being transmitted. We can only see frequencies corresponding to the colours from red to violet. We can only see objects by the colour of the light they reflect into our eyes. A blade of grass absorbs all the colours from the sun except green which it just throws away. We see the green light reflected from the grass and believe that grass is green.

Colour has an influence on us at a subconscious level and advertisers on realising this were quick to capitalise on this fact in order to sell their products. We know how colour can affect our mood and how it is inadvisable to paint your bedroom red if you want a good night’s sleep. But did you know that sugar will never be displayed for sale in a green packet because we associate the colour green at a physiological level with astringency? It is the red end of the colour spectrum that we physiologically associate with sweetness and that is why you will always see some red or yellow in any packaging of sugar. For colour to have such an impact on how we choose things led people to study this phenomenon in order for us to better understand ourselves and what makes us tick.

Dr Max Luscher studied the phenomenon and developed a Color Test to analyse personality. He found that when he got people to choose colours while suspending their normal associations of these colours to people, places or even experiences then choices were made based on personal preference. The preferences gave a very accurate picture of personality because the analysing critical factor doesn’t know what’s going on and subconscious patterns are revealed. The test takes about five minutes to administer and almost anyone can learn how to administer the test in less than an hour. The interpretation of the full test does require training but there is s shortened version of the test that can be administered without training. Obviously the shortened version will not be as comprehensive nor will it reveal as much as the full test but it is still a very powerful tool in the hands of a therapist or physician. It is an invaluable tool to spot a person’s stresses and so take a lot of the guesswork out of devising a healing plan.

I use the Luscher Color Test as part of the first session I have with each client who seeks my help. The results always astonish my clients because of how accurate they are and as a result the all important ingredient to successful therapy, rapport is developed and strengthened at the very start. I use the book “The Luscher Color Test” to administer the test. The book comes with the colour tabs necessary to give the test and I would recommend you cover them with a protective film before you start using them. The hardcover edition is also preferred because of the use it gets. The book teaches you the Short and Full version of the Color Test so it has appeal both for the professional and layman alike. There are of course online versions of the test for you to check out and even these will serve to prove how powerful an aid this personality test really is. There is, however, no substitute for studying the book and mastering a therapeutic technique that will make you a better healer and therapist. For those of you interested in self development make your colour selections before you read the book for obvious reason.

It is very difficult to get this book new but you can buy it second hand from Amazon.

To buy the book "Luscher Color Test by Max Luscher" from Amazon click this link.

Colourful Personality Test


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      There are people who swear by colour therapy and if colour is so important in your life it is probably worth investigating and what better way to publish your results than in a hub. I am looking forward to reading it.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I don't think this would work with me! lol if you see my other comment on your hub, you will know I am synesthetic! colour is a pain sometimes, I chose my name Nell, because it is bright blue, my real name is Melanie and it is red and black! fascinating eh?

      I can feel a hub coming on! lol