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Comfort heating system

Updated on December 25, 2009

The natural environment of a building is rarely at the right temperature for a person to do work or reside in comfortably for a prolonged length of time. As a general rule, it is either too hot or too cold, depending upon the time of day, season of year, or geographical location of the building. To overcome this type of problem, buildings are usually equipped in the an auxiliary heat source or possibly cool to maintain the interior environment at suitable operating level. The comfort heating system of a building is primarily responsible for achieving this function.


Lighting system convert electrical energy into light energy. Lighting systems are designed to create a comfortable and safe environment in buildings. These are several types of lighting system in use today, among them incandescent fluorescent, mercury, vapor metal hailed and several other. Lighting system are one type of electrical load. The energy converter bvy lighting system represents a substantial amount of the total energy used in building. It is important that persons interested in energy management be familiar with the various types of lighting systems and their comparative energy use.


Nearly all modern buildings are equipped in some way with a water system. The life of all livings things is based upon an adequate supply of water.  People need only a small amount of drinking water to sustain life. In addition to this, water is needed fro bathing, cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and waste disposal. A supply of water for all these purposes is the function of a water system.


Solar energy is the energy source that is responsible for producing most of the other forms of energy which we presently use. The energy received from the sum on the earth surface exist in vast quantities. WE depend upon the sun for outr own existence; however we have only begun to utilize the sun as source of energy to heat buildings and for direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy. The sun is a source of energy that has tremendous potential for energy conservation.


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