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Commonly Asked Questions About Architectural Sign Systems

Updated on January 7, 2014
Architectural Sign Systems
Architectural Sign Systems

If you were to ask about architectural sign systems, chances are you will get varied answers from many different sources. This is because this particular term is somewhat vague and broad, making different manufacturers of signs reply in a different way, depending on their perception and on how they themselves put together such signs. Majority of those asked however state that architectural sign systems are signs that are crafted to either fit in with the structure these are to be used on or to enhance it with decorative elements. In other words, these sign systems come with design elements that are either in tune with the architectural concept used on the buildings these are to go on or have decorative designs that complement the structures around it.

This is often the most commonly asked question when it comes to architectural sign systems however this is not the only question that is asked about it. People often have numerous questions when it comes to these signs, and any other sign for that matter. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about signage and architectural sign systems:

Indoor and Outdoor Signs - Architectural Sign Systems
Indoor and Outdoor Signs - Architectural Sign Systems

What kinds of materials are ideally used for my architectural signage? – Again, different sign manufacturers have differing answers to this particular question mainly because they have differing concepts when it comes to these signs. Some signage companies may state that these signs can only be made using mostly metals with a sprinkling of wood and glass where needed. Others may say that they can make these signs out of whatever materials you choose to use and this can include acrylics, composite materials, metals like aluminum and stainless steel, and even stone.

Are there limitations to the designs I can choose for my signs? – This usually depends on where these signs are to be used. If some of these custom signs are to be used indoors and are for marking specific rooms with, then yes, there are certain limitations as well as rules that need to be followed. Since most indoor signs are required to follow rules set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), you will need to know what these rules are and what signs need to follow the guidelines set by the government for this. More often than not, your chosen signage manufacturer will inform you of these limitations and guidelines so you won’t be surprised when some changes are made to the signs that you had them design for you.

How soon can I have my signs delivered and installed? – The answer to this question will vary from one sign manufacturer to another. You will need to ask the company you chose to create your architectural sign systems for the answer to this. Usually, the answer to such an inquiry is dependent on the number of signs you order, how complex the designs may be and what kinds of materials you choose to use. Some materials are harder to work on than others (think stone versus plastic), which can add to the work needed to get these signs done. The usual timeframe that most reputable sign manufacturers give is between a week to two weeks, and this is usually for smaller orders. For larger orders and companies that need to have numerous signs made and mounted, a timetable is usually set for the delivery and installation of the signs.

What kinds of signs can I have added to my architectural sign systems? – This one is also dependent on the company you choose to work with. Usually, such sign manufacturers will give you a list of the kinds of signs that are considered part of an architectural signage system. There will be times however when you will be told that you can order any sign that you want and need, and these can be integrated into your sign system. Since these signage systems are crafted to have a cohesive look that can give your structure additional aesthetic qualities, you may find that the outdoor signs and indoor signs you ordered come with one or two common elements that help tie them in.

Can I use the font we utilize for our company name and identity used on these signs? – While this is generally acceptable, the use of a specific font for your signs is subject to certain rules and guidelines set by the ADA. If some of your signs need to be ADA compliant, then these signs need to use fonts that are considered ADA compliant. If your company’s font is acceptable by ADA standards, then your signs can use these, otherwise, you might only see the use of your company fonts in signs that do not need to follow ADA rules.

Architectural Signage Systems
Architectural Signage Systems


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