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Communication in a Scientific Workplace

Updated on October 23, 2019

Complications that can occur during a laboratory setting

We need to communicate and follow procedures within a workplace so that all members are aware of their roles and needs to be aware of what needs to be done in order to work effectively. However the case study given to us, this was not done very well and due to this many problems occurred which resulted work not being done. Both of the technicians involved in making the drug left during the same time, one left for holiday the other left due to release day. This should have been avoided as other members were not aware of their procedures, and if something were to occur they would not be able to handle it. The two technicians should have communicated with each other, this could have been done through directly talking with each other or by email. Furthermore one of the technicians should have decided to stay. If they did this they would have stopped many incidents that occurred later on. Furthermore the two technicians left the process running that needed to be completed in 12 hours. This is not safe as other members of staff are not aware of the procedures and there is no individual to witness the process if anything were to go wrong. Additionally their laboratory notebook, findings and changes to formulation had not been updated and were left on the table. This caused problems as the next member of staff came in turned all the laboratory equipment procedures were not followed due to lack of communication by the two technicians. They did not tell anyone that the process needs run up to 12 hours and secondly the formulation had not been updated. The two technicians should have informed all member of staff about the process, they could have done through a meeting or an email informing them of the process. Additionally they should have placed posters or notes next to the experiment informing about the experiment. Due to this the next day the laboratory assistant did not know of the next step and did not realise that the process has not been completed and cleared the equipments without telling anyone. This is another example of poor communication because they were not aware of the chemicals used and many chemicals needs to disposed in a particular manner, this can cause safety issues. To prevent this from occurring all the equipments should have been labelled.

Furthermore the details of the assistances were not updated and due to this the individual could not be contacted this shows that there was poor communication . To prevent this from happening they should always update their personal details such as addresses and phone number every few weeks this should be done to prevent such events from taking place.

This case study I mentioned did not follow procedures and did not communicate very effectively due to this many incidents which could have been prevented if they had followed correct procedures and communicated with each other. Firstly the assistant conducted some research without informing the professor , this should have been avoided as the assistant does not have the same knowledge as the professor and if something were to go wrong the assistant may not be able to handle it. Due to this the assistant used tetra butyllithium 1.7M which is nd high volatile and irritant chemical and she did not wear a lab coat before starting her experiment. This chemical also ignites when exposed to air. When she was using the chemical she exposed it to air due to this she was set on fire and had very severe injuries . The procedures and practises need to be communicated effectively as it will improve the safety of the individuals. Also communication need to be clearly as it results in less errors and fewer accidents occurring and also the process of research can be conducted in an appropriate and safe manner. Additionally the experiments need to be followed effectively and communicates clearly with one another as it can prevent such accidents from occurring.


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