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Community Assessment Sample - Part 2/3 Spokane Washington

Updated on January 29, 2020
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Sheila is a Registered Nurse with her Bachelors Degree in Science. She is currently working from home as a Nurse Consultant.

Monroe Street Bridge at Night
Monroe Street Bridge at Night | Source

The Assignment Part 2/3

1.1.1. Building/Corridors

Inside the building is in fairly new condition, the walls were freshly painted over the summer break and now they are clean and appear to be in good shape. All lights are operable and adequate lighting is provided. The lobby area is tidy and welcoming with a small covered table and floral arrangement flocked by two side chairs for visitors. There is a large mural behind the table with pictures of students on it.

The hall ways are free of clutter other than an occasional desk outside of a classroom for students who need some time out. There are several fire extinguishers and push button fire/emergency alarms throughout the hall ways. The fire extinguisher documentation reflects monthly checks are being conducted as scheduled. The janitor reports that the push button alarms are also checked monthly to be sure that they are in working condition. The school performs a total of 6 fire/disaster drills each school year per Sheri Charbonneau office secretary.

(Sheri Charbonneau, Logan Secretary, 2006)

1.1.2. Classrooms

The classrooms were also freshly painted during the summer break and remain in good aesthetic condition. The low light emitting windows are clean and free of coverings of any kind. The window sills have some dust in the corners. The light fixtures are clean and in good repair, adequate lighting is provided. There are no visible defects or stains on the ceiling tiles. The floors are carpeted with flat smooth surface carpeting that allows for easy maneuvering of a wheelchair as needed. There are no chalkboards in the classrooms only white eraser boards which appear to have been thoroughly cleaned recently.

Each classroom is arranged to best suit the needs of the students and teacher. Most rooms have the desks in neat rows adequately separated to allow for easy access. The desks are in good working condition and do not have lids or hinges that may potentially harm a student. The bookshelves and cabinetry are built in and cannot be rearranged. There is ample cabinet space as well as large areas for the student’s backpacks and coats to be stored during class. The majority of the classrooms are neatly organized and clean. Three classrooms were chaotic appearing with no real organization or pattern recognizable. The desks in these three rooms are not in rows, there are many things hanging from the ceilings and obstructing the views of this adult observer.

There are two stairways to the second floor and one central elevator. The stairways are in good condition, clean and free of debris. The stairs are spaced wide and short allowing for easy and safe access by elementary students. The elevator is wide and roomy with ample space for wheelchairs, large carts, or several people to use as needed. The elevator has recently been inspected for safety according to the inspection sticker.

Heating and cooling vents are in the ceilings throughout the building and appear to be clean and functioning properly.

1.1.3. Restrooms

There are two restrooms for the boys and the girls on each floor of this two level school. These rooms were also painted over the summer break. Each of the girl’s restrooms has 3 regular toilet stalls and 1 handicap accessible stall. There are two sinks with soap dispensers and two paper towel dispensers in each restroom. There is a non glass mirror above each paper towel dispenser and one large garbage can between these dispensers. Both of the girl’s restrooms are reasonably clean and clutter free. The floors are made of non skid tiles and are dry at inspection. There are two toilet paper holders in each stall and all contain paper. The soap and paper towel dispensers are filled. The boy’s restrooms are not inspected at this time.

1.1.4. Kitchen/Student Lunchroom

The kitchen is a large industrial area that appears almost sterile. This inspection takes place 2 hours after lunch is over for the day. There is ample amount of counter space with a cutting board surface that is “cleaned with a bleach solution every day following lunch” according to the school cafeteria manager Tammy Sinsel. The cooking surfaces are shiny stainless steel and appear to be well maintained and quite clean. The grease gutters are just as shiny and clean as the rest of the cooking surface is. The serving station is neat and clean and the sneeze guard window is also clean and free of grime. All of the warming pans have been removed, washed, and stored for the evening. There is a large walk in refrigerator and a similar freezer. Both are well stocked, neatly organized and clean. Food is dated and in proper containers. The temperature logs are up to date and the temperatures noted all fall into the acceptable ranges. The storage cabinets are neatly organized with food materials placed in order of dates so that the new items are placed in the back and older items move to the front.

The lunch room area also serves as a multipurpose room where programs and meetings occur during non lunch times. After lunch the tables are all wiped down with a bleach solution and folded up and wheeled into a storage room just off of the lunch room. When the room is not being used it is wide open, clear of debris and the brand new floor is shiny and clean. The walls are painted in a light tan color with bright red, blue, and green striping at the tops. This is a stellar area of the Logan Elementary School. (Tammy Sinsel, Kitchen Manager, Logan, 2006)

1.1.5. Boiler/Air Conditioner Room

The heating and air conditioning units are kept in a fairly large room that also serves as a janitorial office and storage space. The room is clutter free with the exception of the office desk and surrounding area. The desk is much cluttered with papers and supply catalogs. There are also stacks of catalogs on the floor around the desk. The desk/office area is on the opposite side of the room from the heating and air conditioning units and this clutter does not appear to be a potential hazard as far as starting a fire is concerned although it would be great material to feed a fire no doubt.

The storage area of this room is neatly organized and free of clutter.

1.1.6. Custodial Service/Supply Room

The custodial equipment and supplies are stored in the Boiler/Air Conditioner room as stated above. The equipment appears clean and organized. The hazardous chemicals are marked as such and are organized so that the labels can be read easily. This area is in a clean an well organized state.

2. Systems

2.1. Health and Social Services

2.1.1. Hospital

There are three major hospitals in the Spokane city limits. All three are within five miles of Logan Elementary School. These hospitals have great reputation in the Northwest region of the United States.

· Sacred Heart Medical Center located at 101 West 8th Avenue, Spokane WA, 99204. Sacred Heart offers a special “Pediatric Center” adjacent to the main hospital. They have a terrific website available at

· Deaconess Medical Center located at 800 West 5th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99204. Deaconess offers a “Women’s and Children’s Center” next to the main hospital. They also have a website at

· Holy Family Hospital located at 5633 North Lidgerwood, Spokane, WA 99208. This is the smallest hospital of the three and the closest to Logan Elementary School. They have a website available at

2.1.2. General Practice Private Care Providers and Specialty Providers

There are no providers in the 99207 zip code or the Logan Neighborhood. There are several low income health clinics within a five mile radius of Logan Elementary School, these include:

· Christ Clinic 2709 West Boone. Provides basic medical services to the working poor, who cannot afford insurance and are not eligible for other medical assistance. These services are provided by a family nurse practitioner and volunteer physicians from the community. (Spokane Community Resource Directory 2005)

· Family Medicine Spokane 104 West 5th Avenue. Provides complete family health care including maternity care, child health care, geriatrics, minor surgery, and cancer screening. Accepts Medicare/Medicaid, L&I, most insurances, and offers a reduced fee per sliding scale for those without insurance. Services are provided by 5 faculty physicians, 24 resident physicians, and 2 physician assistants. This facility is a 3 year residency program for new graduates from both M.D. and D.O. programs throughout the world.

(Spokane Community Resource Directory 2005)

2.1.3. Public Health Services

HEARD (Health Education and Resources Database) is a free database clearinghouse for the general public's use. This program is offered through the Spokane Regional Health District. The public can call and get information about health topics such as anger management, childhood development, and parenting tips.

The Spokane Regional Health District also offers an immunization clinic with no charge for the vaccine itself, there is a nominal fee for supplies and administration costs.

(Spokane Community Resource Directory 2005)

2.1.4. Home Health Agencies

There are no Home Health agencies located in the 99207 area but there are several in Spokane that offer services to this area. The closest services are:

· Public Health Nurses Home Visiting program through the Spokane Regional Health District. They provide home visits to educate on pre and post natal care, mother, infant, and child health maintenance, health screenings, health care for special needs children, and growth and development. They also offer information about parenting, home safety, and good nutrition.

(Spokane Community Resource Directory 2005)

2.1.5. Long Term, Extended Care and Continuing Care Facilities

There are two long term care facilities in the Logan Neighborhood. The first is the Gonzaga University Regis House, an assisted living facility for retired Catholic Priests. The second facility is Loganhurst Health Care Skilled Nursing Care Facility. They have a total of 45 beds that are Medicare/Medicaid certified. They have been certified since 1992. They are a non religious facility.

(DEX Official Directory - Yellow Pages, 2006)

2.1.6. Special Services for Specific Groups

Logan Elementary School offers Headstart and early intervention preschool services to children with disabilities. They also receive Occupational and Physical therapy as well as early education.

(Spokane Public Schools, 2006)

Disability resources in Spokane are plentiful and within easy access from the Logan Neighborhood. Some of these services are the Brain Injury Association of Washington, Center Pointe Social and Leisure Center for those with disabilities, Children First early intervention services for children with disabilities, CORD Coalition of Responsible Disabled persons, D B Link offers services for the areas deaf and blind citizens, the Guild School offers early interventions for disabled infants and toddlers, and many, many more similar programs are offered in the Spokane area. (Spokane Community Resource Directory, 2005)

2.1.7. Pharmacies

There are two pharmacies in the 99207 area, Safeway grocery store has a pharmacy onsite and is within easy walking distance from Logan Elementary School. Bates pharmacy is and independent pharmacy that has been in the Logan Neighborhood for more than 65 years and is one of the first pharmacies to open in the Spokane area. Bates offers online and phone refill services as well as free home delivery to those who are homebound. (DEX Official Directory - Yellow Pages, 2005)

2.1.8. Social Services Facilities

Within the Logan Neighborhood there are two long standing social services organizations offering support to the citizens in the area. The first organization is the Salvation Army facility located less than one mile from Logan Elementary School. They offer free assistance to families and individuals with low or no income or temporary financial distress. The services include food assistance, household furnishings, clothing assistance, rent assistance, life skills classes, and family preservation classes.

Mission Community Outreach Center is a free service for low income families or single parents with an infant from birth to three years old. They offer a free clothing bank including professional clothing to assist with job searches and employment, they provide bicycles and helmets as a means of transportation, and they offer a free health promotion clinic that provides multivitamins for all family members.

(Spokane Community Resource Directory, 2005)

2.1.9. Mental Health Services

Sacred Heart Medical Center operates the BEST program which is a behavioral educational skills training program for students with emotional and/or behavioral problems in the Spokane area. They work with 5 to 12 year olds through a 20 day partial hospital program where the students attend classes during the day and go home at night. They offer counseling, medical care, and skilled nursing care as well as educational services from the Spokane Public Schools district.

(Spokane Community Resource Directory, 2005)

2.1.10. Health Education

CHER Community Health Education and Resources offers comprehensive health education classes to the community on a regular basis. These classes are usually conducted by local physicians and nurses. The subjects are varied but some of the mainstays include childbirth, family health, stop smoking, childcare basics, diabetes education, and basic life support classes. CHER sends fliers out to all of the schools in Spokane on a monthly basis and the school nurses post these fliers throughout the school. Most of the classes are free while some charge a nominal fee, and insurance actually covers some of these classes too.

(Spokane Community Resource Directory, 2005)

2.2. Economics

2.2.1. Financial Characteristics of Households

Of the 487 students presently enrolled at Logan Elementary School 298 qualify for free and 60 qualify for reduced lunch.

According to the U.S. census data for 2000, the median annual income for households in the 99207 area is $27,095. There are 8,431 residents living below the poverty level with 3,067 of those being below 50% of poverty level. 7, 586 of those individuals living below poverty in this area are American citizens, 845 are not citizens of the United States.

Of those over age 65 there are 438 living below the poverty level.

The employment status of residents in this area according to the 2000 - U.S census data is as follows:

Employed: Male & Female ages 16 to 70 plus, equals 16,468

Unemployed: Male & Female ages 16 to 70 plus, equals 1,952

(U.S. Census, 2000)

According to the Spokane City Planning Services Department data, Logan neighborhood residents only had 21% of all parents in the household working compared to 62% for the entire city of Spokane in 2000.

(City of Spokane, 2006)

2.2.2. Business/Industries

There are many small businesses in the area such as convenience stores,espresso stands, and a small book store. There are a few franchise businesses including Safeway, Chevron, Texaco, and Subway.

2.2.3. Labor Force

The labor force data obtained is based on the population 16 years and older, living in the 99207 zip code. This sector of the population totals 29,077 people. Those currently in the civilian labor force total 18,420, with 16,468 being employed and 1,952 unemployed. There 71 citizens from this sector who are employed by the Armed Forces.

The data on the occupations listed include those who work from home at 2.3 %, those in management at 20.6 %, service jobs at 22.5 %, construction work at 10.9 %, production workers at 17.6 %, and sales/office at 28.1 %.

3,300 people report working in educational, health and social service positions. Those reporting jobs in the professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management field total 1,392. The number employed in the finance, insurance, and real estate field is 875. 293 people report working in the information field and 970 in the transportation, warehousing, and utilities areas. Retail workers total 2,261 and wholesale workers total 813. A total of 1,111 people work in construction and 1,887 work in manufacturing jobs. Only 54 people in the 99207 zip code report working in the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining fields.

(U.S. Census, 2000)

2.2.4. Major banks, Savings & Loans, Credit Unions

There are several banks in the Logan Neighborhood including a Farmers and Merchants bank in the Safeway store just a few blocks south of Logan Elementary School. There is also a credit union just one block south of the school called The Inland Empire Trades Credit Union.

2.3. Safety & Transportation

2.3.1. Fire & Police Protection

The police and fire protection for the Logan Neighborhood falls under the umbrella of the city of Spokane. The new police chief of Spokane is Anne Kirkpatrick; Ms. Kirkpatrick assumed this position in mid September 2006. The main police department is located in downtown Spokane and approximately 5 miles from Logan Elementary School.

Within a ¼ block radius of Logan Elementary School during the time period of April 2006 to September 2006 there were 25 assault calls, 10 burglary calls, 4 drug calls, 14 malicious mischief calls, 17 theft calls, 24 vehicle prowling calls, and 8 vehicle theft calls investigated by the Spokane Police Department.

(City of Spokane, 2006)

There is a Logan Neighborhood Citizens on Patrol (COP) shop located just 8 blocks south west from the school. COP shops are run by volunteers with special training from the Spokane Police department. Some of the services these volunteers provide include:

· Neighborhood Observation Patrol (N.O.P.S.)

· Neighborhood Resource Center to report neighborhood crimes Referral to agencies in the Spokane Community

· Crime prevention information resources

· Accessibility to Resource Officers for the Logan Neighborhood

· Graffiti team

· Vehicle accident reports

(City of Spokane, 2006)

Logan Elementary School also has access to the Spokane Public Schools Security Resource Officers. Security Services is responsible for providing investigatory services regarding criminal actions determined to be on school district property and/or buses. Security Services also provides emergency communication and coordination, management of crisis plans, training of District Resource Officers in coordination with City of Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Sheriff's office, and silent building security monitoring of district facilities.

(Spokane Public Schools, 2006)

Logan Elementary School had a total of 5 major incidents during the 2005-2006 school year. There was a report of a missing student twice (same student on both occasions), a very large for his age sixth grade student became combative with school staff and had to be removed from the school, and two incidents of theft or attempted theft according to Sheri Charbonneau office secretary at Logan.

The Spokane Fire chief is Bobby Williams. The Fire Station responsible for the Logan Neighborhood is Fire Station 2 located just 7 blocks north of Logan Elementary School. Twice a school year, during the practice fire drill training at Logan, the firemen of Station 2 will participate. They receive the alarm at the station and proceed as though it were a true fire call. According to Sheri Charbonneau office secretary their average response time during the drill is less than 4 minutes.

(Sheri Charbonneau, secretary, Logan, 2006)

2.3.2. Sanitation

The 99207 area is supplied with water from the City of Spokane Water department.

All homes within the city limits of Spokane Washington which includes the Logan Neighborhood are connected to the city sewer system. This public sewer system is managed by the City of Spokane Wastewater Management department.

The solid waste services to the Logan Neighborhood are also managed by the City of Spokane through the Solid Waste Management department.

(City of Spokane, 2006)

2.3.3. Air Quality

The Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority (SCAPCA) is a local agency which monitors and reports on the Spokane air quality in accordance with federal and state law. The three main concerns for Spokane in regard to the air quality are carbon monoxide levels, particulate matter in the air, and ozone. The three elements have been high in the past have been much more stable in the past decade.

(SCAPCA, 2006)

2.3.4. Private and Public Transportation Services

The majority of those who live in the Logan Neighborhood drive their own vehicle to and from work with 11,900 driving alone and 2,610 carpooling. 40 people report using one of the many taxi cab services in Spokane to get to work and back. 17 ride motorcycles, 206 ride bikes, 444 walk to work, 76 people report using other means of transportation, and 367 work from home.

The Spokane Transit Authority (STA) provides bus services to the Logan Neighborhood. The STA adult fare for a one way trip is $1.00.

(Spokane Transit Authority, 2006) See Appendix

2.3.5. Roads

Logan Elementary School is located on the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Montgomery Avenue. Montgomery is a residential side street with the majority of its traffic from local residents or school business. Hamilton is a major arterial with a high volume of traffic throughout the day. There is a 20 foot fence separating the playground from Hamilton Avenue.

The City of Spokane is notorious for the high amount of potholes on the roads city wide. The Logan area is no exception to this notoriety. Many of the more heavily traveled arterials in the 99207 area have a small pothole or two every hundred feet or so. There are ruts beginning to form in the arterials as well. The City has recently begun a major road repair campaign that will hopefully correct this bumpy ride.


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