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Compensation Disclosure Statement

Updated on August 12, 2011

Disclosure Statement for Sherri L. Souzen's Articles

The author writing as Sherri L Souzen shares what she really thinks. Any given article under the Sherri L. Souzen HubPages profile that includes her opinions about stuff may result in her being paid. So, because human beings cannot be completely unbiased where they are benefited, the fact that she is compensated could very well mean her opinion about this product or that product is influenced one way or another. She tries to prevent that happening. But there you go.

To prevent her articles sounding awkward, she may not identify each in-text link that leads to an advertisement as an advertisement. She does have a business affiliation or partnership with,, and various other advertisers. If there's a link to a business in which products are sold, it is likely to be an affiliate link.

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