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Words Wisdom from a High School Senior

Updated on September 16, 2014


To start, this is what I have learned and found true and important within the 18 years I have been alive. However, do not make the mistake of living your life to anybody's standards but your own, what is true for one person may not work for you. So take this article with a grain of salt.

First off, do your own thing! Be yourself, there are billions of people in this world, but all you have to do is be you. Don’t let a statistic define you and don’t let yourself be defined by what someone says you are, if you do what you believe is right then when you look back on it you can be happy with yourself doing what you believed in.

Next, don’t bash it until you try it! Obviously there are certain exceptions (never do meth) but if something brings joy or happiness to someone else, don’t bring negativity towards them for it, instead experience it for yourself or at the very least try to understand their position. Maybe it’s just something stupid to you, but to someone else it could be the world. Also, if you open up your mind you can expand your horizons and find a deeper connection within yourself.

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Additionally, don’t mix up being prideful with being a douche. You can have your pride and still care for others and be open minded. But once you take yourself and your actions to where you hold yourself above others, is where your character diminishes. Nothing should ever stand in the way of saying “I’m sorry”. Those two simple words can mend many broken things, but people will look down on you if you place yourself on a pedestal above them.

Also, pay attention to this very carefully… for some reason our culture believes that having money and saving all of your money, will make you a happy person. I can’t tell you this is wrong; however for myself it is not true. My life has been filled with some of the best moments simply because I spend my time with people, not my money on objects. This probably sounds ridiculous and impossible, and of course a spend money on objects, but that’s not what I focus my life on. If you can understand that wasting money and loving people makes me an unmeasurable amount happier then saving my money and waiting to be rich. “Be rich with memories, for a friends value is raising, and the moneys value is falling.”


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