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Complications of Plastic Surgery

Updated on June 9, 2009
Plastic Surgery gone wrong
Plastic Surgery gone wrong


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Know the risks in cosmetic surgery

Want to look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt ? How about Megan Fox or Leonardo Dicaprio ? You may want to go under the surgeon’s scalpel to look like one of your TV idols, or simply to look “better”.

Before you book an appointment with the cosmetic boutique down the street, you should know the risks involved in cosmetic surgery.

First, will your surgery be performed by a plastic surgeon certified by the professional body in your country?

Next, are you aware of several major complications from a fouled plastic job? Here are some major complications:

Airway Blockage

When general anesthesia is used during your surgery, a tube will be inserted through your throat into your lungs. You may experience breathing difficulties if your throat is irritated. Your vocal chords will react automatically with muscle spasms causing you to vomit. As a result your airway may be choked resulting in a medical emergency.

Blood Loss ( Hemorrhaging)

While it is normal to bleed during surgery, a careless surgeon may cut your skin inaccurately resulting in excessive bleeding or hemorrhaging. A red flag should appear if your “surgeon” does not ask you about your medical history prior to the surgery as it is vital that your surgeon is informed that you have low blood count (i.e. low amount of blood per unit) or a history of excessive bleeding before the operation.

Blood Pressure Drop

Your blood pressure will be lower during your surgery, due to blood loss from the surgery and general anesthesia. In drastic situations, a sudden plunge in your blood pressure will increase the risk of a heart attack.

Blood Clot

Your immune system reacts automatically by clotting your blood around the area where your skin has been cut, so as to prevent more blood loss. There is a risk in that the blood clot may increase, dislodge from the area and clog another part of your blood circulation system. Immediate death or a critical stroke strikes if the blood clot gets jammed in your brain.

Brain Damage

Brain damage can result from excessive blood loss. (see Blood Loss or Hemorrhaging section above).


Some degree of infection is expected to occur after surgery. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the intake of penicillin or antibiotics.

Poor hygiene at some clinics and hospitals encourage infections to fester around broken skin. If your infected areas become worse and are not healing, seek medical attention immediately.

Malignant Hypothermia

Some patients who go under the knife create exceedingly risky medical situations in which their heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature escalate to dangerously high levels. The surgeon must be experienced and skilful enough to deal with this emergency, otherwise death will result.

The risks involved and the potential costs of cosmetic surgery are always there. Since it costs so much to go under the knife, in both financial and non-financial terms, don’t take your choice of your plastic surgeon lightly. Make sure you check his professional credentials, investigate references from past clients and do your own due diligence.


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    • cosmeticharmony profile image

      cosmeticharmony 8 years ago from Colombia

      Very informative hub . Cosmetic Surgery includes lot of risk and results are never guaranteed , If you want to go under knife then select the most experienced surgeon to reduce the risk factors