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Composing Amidst Compost

Updated on October 5, 2009


Composing Amidst Compost.


Autumn rains in a
slow dance of confetti,
red, orange, yellow
and brown swirl down,
as if  they are in
a large glass dome,
shaken by some bored
child of God in the
heavens above each town.

Tiny children
dash to and fro,
kick stepping and dancing
through Summer remnants
as they go,
creating small tornados
from what nature's
left below.

There are no words enough
to describe Autumn rain,
a musky, dried,
woodsmoke ingrained...
...scent of long
ago school days
and Halloween fun,
makes me just
want to fall down
and roll up in some.

Let a big pile of leaves,
just swallow me whole,
like a kid again,
giving up all self control,
but the nieghbors are out,
as I'm taking my stroll...
so I'll keep that one
seasonal joy in my soul.


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