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Concious Intellect

Updated on November 24, 2009
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I consider myself to be a very intelligent person, with various point of views when it comes to life itself. I was raised a gangster.

Self Awareness !!

We as a people sometimes have no self awareness, and I may not be politically correct but, I believe that I am aware of most self consciousness. First off, let me define my terminology of self awareness. Ok, we can say that self awareness is self explanatory, but i beg to differ. Self awareness can be self explanatory, on the other hand it can be looked at many different ways. I say that because, Everyone is a different person within themselves. Now we come to fact an opinion, and some will say mind over matter. Now u can ask ten people the same question, an of course it depends on the group of people but, most likely you'll get ten different responses because what, everyone has their own opinion. And if your asking for facts most likely you'll get the same because, we as a people have our own self awareness.

Do We Real Eyez Us ?!!

Do you know yourself as a person 100%

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Brain Power!!
Brain Power!!

We as a people !!

We all have to be aware of ourselves first, before we can be aware of another persons self consciousness. Meaning, we as a people have our own personal, seperate ways of living. We all as a people are raised different, taught different, and we all learn different. And most of the time thats because, we as a people seek different resources when it comes to self awareness. Let me break it down for you, if your grandparents were taught a certain way, then most likely they taught your parents the same way. And you will teach your kids the same way your parents taught you, and your children will teach there children the same way you taught them. And we come right back to self awareness because, who said that the process of teaching we all use is the correct process besides, is it at all the right information? Where did the information come from? Who taught the teacher? 

Real Eyez!!

It can be Knowledge!!
It can be Knowledge!!

What dosen't kill us will make us stronger!!

Me personally I've become aware of the fact, And I say fact because, pain it self is a fact. We all experience pain in one way or the other. And for me, the pain that I have experience in most cases has been a learning experience. For example, if your child is playing with fire, you'll punish them n what ever way you see fit. Now hopefully they experience pain from it because that is the lesson you're trying to teach them. Making them aware, making them self conscious that it wasn't a good thing to do. It's better for them to experience it that way then to burn down the house, or possibly burn themselves or others in the process. I'll get to the point later but, i just wanted us, we as a people to understand my perspective of pain being one of our teaching processes.


Sometimes this is all we know !!
Sometimes this is all we know !!

I dont think we do !!

Ok, I set that poll up just to see how many people will tell the truth. Now by the time you get to the end of this paragraph you should understand why I say the truth. And yes people will have ther own opinion but, in the end I think we as a people will learn a fact about ourselves. And we probably never even looked at things this way, now is that because we have no self awareness? Are we not conscious? Lets see, now I put the picture there because, that is real life, now how you conciously choose to look at it thats up to you but, we all see violence and , thats all some of us know. Now back to the poll, if i ask "what would you do if you were behind that line", hopefully we would say "we dont know" now thats telling the truth. First off we dont even know the situation, so we cant possibly know what we would or wouln't do, am I correct? Hopefully we all say yes. In various of situations most likely trajic ones, none of us "know" what we would do in the spirit of the moment. We could say I would do this or that but, truthfully speakin we dont. Now is that because we have no self awareness? Or because, we are not conscious of ourselves. Good question !!


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