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Contraception Awareness

Updated on April 8, 2015
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Protection is better than Abortions

A proper counseling is required regarding spacing and delaying the birth of a child. Awareness towards proper method of contraception is necessary.

  • Barrier method is said to be best chosen method in young girls as it not only prevent pregnancy, but also protect transmission of sexually disease from either partner.
  • The most known used barrier contraceptives are condoms, sometimes men refuges to use this method as they find it uncomfortable. In that case woman can use "TODAY" sponge with spermicidal cream and plunge it into her virgin.
  • Intrauterine contraceptive devices are Lippes loop, Copper T and many such devices now a days.It is not a preferred method for unmarried or newly married couple without any child, however it is said to be a relevant choice for a woman who wants to space the birth of her next child. presently there are certain copper devices which can be kept inside for five to seven years without facing any problem.For a woman with heavy mensuration and painful one progesterone copper device is suggested.
  • There are numerous oral Hormonal contraceptive pills for women but the most commonly used is combined oral contraceptive pills which contains estrogen as well as progesterone.Combined oral contraceptive pills can be safely taken by young couples. Most of the brand ,comes up with 21 tablets in a pack(BIRTH CONTROL PILLS) It is taken from the 5th day from the onset of the periods,then continue 21 days and then a put a gap of 7 days. The period will be during this gap period.Then again after a gap of 7 days new pack should be started irrespective of the number of days of the period.
  • If a woman forgets to take the pill some day, she should immediately take it as soon as she remembers and then again get to your scheduled time . But if a woman forgets to have it for two days,then the precaution becomes void and one should opt for another contraceptive method for that entire cycle to keep safe (use condom or withdrawal method) and should start afresh from the next cycle.
  • we must remember that if a woman below the age of 24 years takes combined contraceptive pills for continuous 4 years,then there is a greater chance of breast cancer. thus a lady with a family history of breast cancer should be avoid the prolonged use of oral contraceptives
  • Progesterone pills are the only pills that are also called lactating pills and is not preferred over combined oral contraceptive pills because of the side effects of irregular bleeding in women.
  • Inject able contraceptive and dermal implants are acceptable in young girl if the side effects could be tolerated.Dermal implants are for a long period .These contraceptive measure once taken can be effective for a long period, so you need not worry about the missing pills
  • Sterilization is not a preferred mode of contraception for young girls. because it is a permanent method of contraception,Government of India had passed a law that permanent sterilization should not be performed in a woman less than twenty years.A Woman must be a mother of two or less children and the youngest baby should not be less than 2 years.
  • Thus we may conclude that some methods of contraception in young adolescent, newly married and unmarried girls should be avoided as they may prove painful latter. One can pick the best suited method .The most suggested method is the barrier method or combined oral contraceptive pills after an advice from your doctor.
  • Now a days pills like unwanted 72 or I PILL are been taken by the girls to keep safe if they have doubt of being pregnant .but these pill cause profuse bleeding ,thus should not become accustomed to them ones in a blue moon may be OK


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 2 years ago

      Melissa Orourke,thanks for explaining it so well.

    • Melissa Orourke profile image

      Melissa Orourke 3 years ago from Roatán, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras

      I agree with you, protection is better than an abortion.

      I personally, would like to see young women waiting longer before becoming sexually active. How about natural family planning? If a woman knows her body she is able to use all the signs to prevent pregnancy or to plan one! There are many NFP teachers available at an affordable cost.

      IUD's are not contraception, they are an abortifacient, and they are not without side effects.

      The sponge will not prevent STD's, and Herpes can be transmitted even if a man wear a condom.

      The safest way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, don't have sex.