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Hub O. Contrast is Key for Mood Boost. Also, krav maga exercise

Updated on July 9, 2010

Section 1 of 2. Use contrast for a mood boost.

For a quick mood boost, harness the power of contrast.  Mood states are nature's way of signaling to you that you are in a better or worse position than you could be in.  To make this assessment, the mind uses clues such as the situation others are in (competition) and mostly, an assessment of the situation you could be in (coulda woulda shoulda).  However, we all know it is always possible to be in a better position or a worse position, so don't let nature push you around, instead, convince yourself that you are in a better position than you could have been in and you will feel better and have more energy and motivation to accomplish what you wish to accomplish.  Here are some exercises:

1.  Imagine that things are much worse, then tell yourself how thankful you are that you are not in that situation.  Even if you are in prison in the US, you are much better off than if you were in a prison in Peru, which many people are.  If you are safe and comfortable, you are in a much better position than you might have been in.

2.  Help the less fortunate.  Set aside fears that you may be rejoicing in the misfortune of others because this is not true and even if it was, it is better that you rejoice secretly while helping someone than to not help.  You will get the mood boost of being compassionate and seeing how fortunate you are to be able to help.

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Section 2 of 2. Krav Maga Arms and Chest, Horizontal elbow strikes

Use horizontal elbow strikes to disable an attacker who is in close range.  This move works the chest, arms, back, and shoulders.  Perform 20 repetitions on each arm.  Click below for a demonstration.

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