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Conversations with Dead People - Carl Jung

Updated on July 28, 2012

One of the greats in Psychology - Carl himself.

Publishers weren't interested in this stuff - maybe you are...

Welcome to Conversations with the Dead - Carl Jung.

What does a spiritual medium, a channeller do on reaching seventy-five years of age, to bring his or her writings to the many? Will what has been written through him or her ever be read? Will just those few friends and relatives he or she has admitted to that they ‘have a gift’ be the only ones to read their work? It certainly seemed that way to me. Publishers weren’t interested; not back in the 1960s, 70s, or 80s. Then along came the Internet and platforms such as Hubpages.

Yes, I'm an automatic writing ' channeller '

Well, I am a spiritual medium who has developed the gift of Automatic Writing. I’ve been at it now for well over forty years. It’s about time I ‘came out of the closet’ and presented some of those writings for all those who might be interested. And so here is one of my attempts to do just that. On the success (the acceptance and feedback from readers) will come more. For there is more- a lot more. So, if you would like to read what various entities have said to me over the years, just let me know.

Here is a piece I took down way back in 1998. It comes from none other than the world famous, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung.

A fascination with mandelas.

In his writings 'Secrets of the Golden Flower' Carl Jung closely examined the Buddhist Meditators of Tibet.    You couldn't fly into the place back in the 1930s.   It really was an isolated location.
In his writings 'Secrets of the Golden Flower' Carl Jung closely examined the Buddhist Meditators of Tibet. You couldn't fly into the place back in the 1930s. It really was an isolated location.

So let those automatic wrtings begin...

Self: “Hello, Kim.

“Kim, I want the truth, the real truth about these automatic writings I’ve been able to do this since 1968. I’ve been contacted by (if indeed they have been contacts outside of myself) by U.R., my trusted guide for many years, by Celia Walker, John Willoughby, my own brothers and various family members. I have been contacted by world-famous figures, and those not so well-known. But since I have been doing these 22x11 sub-personality exercises, as described by Michael Rowland, I have had my suspicions that sub-personalities and so-called ‘other world’ entity-contacts are one and the same. I want you to tell me the truth. No bullshit. Tell me what is the truth about my contacts in this way.”

Here is the response. It was immediate. The typing came fast and without any hesitation.

This was one of many pieces taken from this great man over the years.

“Arthur Thomas Ware this is Carl Jung. Yes, the real one. I have watched you progress for many years. Yes. We are able to communicate across the veil of death. You were contacted by your dead niece, Karen . This is the truth and I swear by All Mighty God that it is so. You have not been fooling yourself. You are both alive and dead at the same time. This is, we straddle several dimensions and, once we have awakened to consciousness those parts of our psyche where we can consciously witness both sides, then that gift is there for life- I am talking about earth-plane life, here.

“All right. The sub-personalities. They exist. But they do not have the depth of the complete entity. In this plane, as well as in yours, each of us is made up of many sub-personalities. But in this plane we are not generally subject to the stresses and strains of the psyche, as upon the earth plane, because there are few conflicting urges going on within us at the same time.

“You are not in a position to understand this lack of inner strain because you are still of the earth. That will change as you pass over.

Carl Jung's Astrological Chart.

People go to other planes of existence after death.

“I have watched you for many years and know that you have within a burning desire to accomplish certain things whilst you are still on earth. You think that it has to be done whilst on earth otherwise the information will be irrelevant. No so. Despite the fact that people go on to other planes of existence after death, there is still all this doubt about whether or not they are really alive and whether or not their past lives have meaning, etc. etc.. What I am saying, Arthur Thomas Ware, is that there will be a need for your teaching and public speaking skills even on these planes in which I now reside.

“But you wanted to know the truth about entities and about sub-personalities. The sub-personality is an incomplete thing. It is a ‘switcheroo,’ to use the quaint language of some of your Australian colleagues. It is a part of you that was formed on a basic emotional group feeling backed up by rationalisations and thought which rounded off the thinking to what it thought was a logical argument, culminating in a conclusion. It was then shelved.

Thought forms are not the real you.

This goes on beneath the veil of conscious thought. It is done uncritically. Once put into the memory banks it becomes an entity in that it has form- thought form. The form crystallises out and eventually it hardens and puts a shell around that particular aspect of the mind. The personal mind, I am referring to here. That part of you which surrounds your personal mind-body. The mind-body is made up of concentric shells which completely envelope the physical. It is the aura. But it is more than that. It is a tightly interwoven system of thought form which has real solidity. Each layer of thought form is entangled and mixed through to the next and underlying layer. There are countless layers. I was going to say millions but could see that that frightened you a bit.

Another Mandela - No, I don't know its significance.

Infinite layers of thought form interlace the physical body.

“Let us say that there are infinite layers of thought form that interlace the physical body at subtler and subtler levels. Let us say that in your exercises to bring to the surface particular aspects of your psyche, you evoke a particular thought-form by making a statement which is a loggerheads to that believed by a particular thought-form pattern. It is like the crook of a crochet needle finding the end of a spool of wool. That wool being entangled among many other thought-form spools of wool. It is pulled up to the surface where it makes a comment or statement ‘true to it.’ It might be a statement which is completely at variance with one you believe at your conscious level.

“But the big difference between the complete entity such as myself, on this plane, and the sub-personality in your own mind, is they are not able to sustain a logical argument for a long period of time. The more sophisticated and later-added ones are able to do this for a considerably longer period of time than those that have been laid in infancy, of course. But, the in the main, they do not have the force of lasting conviction.

The ego-consciousness is the predominnant sub-personality of that particular moment.

“The part of you that you regard as yourself, the ego-consciousness -is the predominant sub-personality of the time. You’ll have several of these within you. These are near the surface mind. This is, they can be readily and voluntarily brought into consciousness by your acts, your will, your intent. These are, in the healthy person, compatible and readily adaptable to meet the requirements you ask of them. The parts of us that give us trouble are the infantile and unhealthy parts which sometimes become so strong that they burst forth and are temporarily uncontrollable.

“To answer your question. The basic difference between one of your own sub-personalities and us -complete entities- is that the sub-personas are changeable. They change at the conscious level all the time. At the unconscious, they can be changed by certain types of psychological processes such as Yoga. You can and have changed a lot of your own inner conflict already. Otherwise you would never be able to sustain this long discourse you are currently taking down on your computer. You are changing them very much so with those statements in those 22x11 Exercises. You cannot change us. An entity outside of yourself.

And yet another.

I am a conscious medium - something unsual, I'm told.

“In your 22x11 Exercises it has been noted by you that, at times, entities get into the act. They do so because you are a Conscious Medium. Sometimes these entities are being mischievous. Sometimes they are giving you encouragement. But I think that if you are really discerning, you will be able to work out by an intuitive process which ones are outside entities and which are from your own sub-personalities.

“I hope that I have been able to make this a little clearer to you.

“I know that even after all of this conversation- and it has been a fairly lengthy one- you will still have doubts and scepticism. No problems with that. But I hope you do not stop doing those exercises. They are helping you enormously.

“I wish you well in your earthly endeavours.

“Goodbye. And from all of us true entities. Good luck and God bless.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Newday98033. Hi, Sorry I took so long coming back to you. You're certainly on a wavelength more compatible to my own than Man from Modesto. I've never believed in that 'demons' thing. Evil people, yes. Though I reckon around 99-9 percent are not, just driven by varying amounts of ego-generated fear.

    Suspect the "keep away from it" was put in there by vested interests in a Church heirarchy way, way, back to keep the 'sheep' living in fear.

  • profile image

    newday98033 6 years ago

    Hey ManfromModesto.

    Let's start with the idea that everything is true. God is everywhere, in everyone, so God is never wrong. One simply sees more or less of this place, thus more or less of God. That's the game. If there are demons then a reasonable operation in that line would be understanding demons, As an image of God, a viewpoint of God, we can do anything. So while not everyone is ready to tackle such creatures-I have met one I expect you would call a demon-there isn't much to worry about when doing so. Just exercise the usual, see what's there and don't lose your own view of things. Your thoughts?

  • profile image

    newday98033 6 years ago

    A reasonable operation in this line is to recognize that we all can communicate, at times, with God as other viewpoints, We all do it as a matter of course, my opinion. The only issue is how conscious one is of doing it. We live near our interests. My experience. Your thoughts?