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Cool Korean Alphabet Chart

Updated on June 23, 2013

The Korean Alphabet

What's the Korean alphabet? The Korean alphabet consists of 14 consonants plus 5 "double" consonants. As you can see on the first Korean alphabet chart below, these double consonants are labeled "strong." The word "strong" is in regards to how they are pronounced.

They are pronounced exactly the same as their single consonant counterparts but with extra audible emphasis. In addition to the 14 consonants and 5 double consonants, the Korean alphabet has 10 standard vowels.

In addition to the 10 standard vowels, again, as you can see in the chart below, there are 11 diphthongs, which are sounds created by combining 2 of the 10 Korean vowels.

Korean Alphabet Chart 1


Pronouncing Consonants and Vowels

The chart below was designed to help you master pronouncing Korean vowel/consonant combinations. To use it, choose a consonant on the left and then work your way to the right, pairing a new vowel or diphthong with the consonant every time. Say the combination out loud every time--saying it in your head will not help you!

Use this chart to practice combining Korean vowels and consonants.
Use this chart to practice combining Korean vowels and consonants. | Source

Further Reading

These charts are a great way to begin learning Korean. To perfect your pronunciation with a native Korean speaker, check out this Korean Alphabet Chart With Audio.

You can also check out the Korean Wiki Project, which is an ever evolving resource of language learning material.


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