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Coronavirus:A Surprise Weapon in Biological Warfare-Advantage China?

Updated on May 16, 2020
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MG is a military specialist having spent quality time in the Indian Air Force. He is also an alumnus of the Defence Services Staff College.

The Crisis

The world has just entered the 21st-century which is barely two decades old. It has however been overtaken by a crisis the like of which has not been seen for many hundreds of years.

In the month of January of this year, a health crisis overtook the world. Nobody could have anticipated that the world will face an economic apocalypse. But it did happen and the world has been transformed in four months. What happened? we have visuals on television that show people all over the world from Geneva to America taking part in long queues for what? They are not standing in a queue to buy a football match ticket or to listen to some famous pop singer but to collect free food parcels.

I will just give an example. Let us take the case of New York which is one of the universal cities of the world. This is the city that has a name as a place where enemies, foes, and friends sit and discuss peace because everybody feels that this is the right place for it. It is also the center where the United Nations has its largest office and the city itself is a tourist paradise. It is located in a country that is a dream for tourists.

In such a city that is supposed to be affluent, there are long queues to collect food packets and thousands have died because of the spread of a virus which I will refer to as a "china virus. The name "China virus" is an apt nomenclature of this virus that has spread from China and we must have the courage to associate it with the country of origin.

A fact that emerges from this entire pandemic is the dubious manner in which the Chinese went about their business. They could not have done what they have done without having planned a line of action anticipating such a crisis.


The world is now a witness to what has happened. Millions of people are infected and there have been more than 300,000 deaths out of which America alone accounts for almost 90,000. It is a sad commentary that in 20 years of fighting in Vietnam, the Americans had only about 45,000 dead and now they have double the number in just four months.

This is stunning news but even more stunning is the fact that China is now shouting about its innocence though many in the world are convinced that it is the perpetrator. Even a layman can see through the Chinese game how they launched a massive cover-up operation.

To my way of thinking the Chinese went about all this in a highly professional and sinister manner. They were not really interested as to how many people die in the world so long they could win this bio-warfare. What did the Chinese do under the aegis of the Communist Party of China which as we all know is a naked and totalitarian dictatorship?

They played a great game of deception. They either by design or accident unleashed a virus, first on one of their own cities(Wuhan) to convince the world that they are the victim. They quickly brought it under control and then made an elaborate plan to spread it to the other nations more notably the West European nations and America. The Chinese unleashed the virus in Wuhan in a controlled environment and quickly wrapped it up. If it was not part of the game plan, what was it? China cannot explain why it never spread to other parts of the communist state. Only four other provinces Guangdong, Henan, Zhejiang, and Hunan have recorded cases over a thousand. How come the virus never spread in the rest of China but spread in the entire world.

The Chinese played a dubious game. Even when the controlled virus was spreading in Wuhan, almost 430,000 Chinese flew out to multiple cities in the United States. China delayed divulging information of the human to human transmission as thousands flew from China and some of them directly from Wuhan to multiple cities in the US.

China has not been able to explain to the world why the virus did not spread to other parts of China like its spread in the United States and Western Europe.

What does this prove? It points to the fact that China had a big back up plan ready. Even as they controlled the virus which spread in Wuhan they made no attempt to warn the world about it because this was the one chance they were waiting to displace the United States as the number-one economic and military power in the world. The European countries were easy prey as with a dwindling birthrate and population and loss of great power status without colonies and empires, they were sitting ducks for the Chinese who were not going to spare them for their imperialistic activities in China for close to 200 years.

This virus escaped from China and evidence will certainly come out later that the Chinese were testing the virus and either inadvertently or deliberately allowed it to escape. Once it escaped by whatever means, The Chinese had contingency plans they put into effect.

A point that must be looked into by investigators from the west is that if the epicenter of the virus was Wuhan and traveled across the globe, how come the spread has been minimal within China itself? How did this virus not affect the population of Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Guangdong?

Why? Because it was a well- planned Biological Warfare waged by China and the Communist nation is ready to sacrifice a few thousand people in Wuhan to have a chance to become the victor in World War III.

The Killer Punch ? Is There a Way out

Now let us look at the conduct of China once this virus spreads in the West. This was the time when the Americans and the West Europeans were busy trying to restrict the spread of the virus. What was China doing during this period? They began to flex their muscles in the Taiwan Strait, their army went into hand combat at two places with Indian Army, they give a new name for Mount Everest and claimed it to be part of China, they began to police the disputed islands in the South China Sea and also intruded into Japanese waters in the Synkaku Islands.

While China has been flexing its muscles mankind has been brought to misery. Italy is even buying private land for new graves. New York has resorted to mass graves.

The world now has to ensure that the People's Republic of China does not get away from its perfidy. They cannot spread the virus and then start sending masks and other equipment to the West as a sign of goodwill. China also cannot claim the victim card by saying that they have also suffered from the virus. A detailed investigation is required and China is not allowing anybody to come inside to investigate what all really happened in Wuhan. China has to be brought to book and America must well realize that the only way they can collar the Chinese is through the help of India and Japan. To my mind, Joe Biden is just not the man to be the President of the United States at this juncture. He has allegations of serious sexual misconduct. Putting personal dislikes aside Donald Trump is the better man to face China.

This situation calls for a sea change in American policy to China. The negative policies pursued by Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton had to be thrown overboard. China has to be faced and that is not a difficult thing. What it requires is an iron will. I remember reading about Winston Churchill. In 1940 he made his famous speech at a time when the Nazi regime had conquered almost entire Europe and Britain was left alone. He had said, "we will fight in the hills, we will fight in the streets but we will never surrender."

There are many apologists in the USA who want to propagate the Chinese viewpoint. America will have to be on guard against them.


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