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Corporal Punishment--Should it be allowed in schools?

Updated on May 24, 2015

Tool of Corporal Punishment

The traditional paddle
The traditional paddle
A paddle of malice
A paddle of malice

Just Punishment

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Old School

Well, I could say back in the day when I was in school and while it was quite some time ago; corporal punishment in schools dates back to the 1700's.

Corporal punishment was used to instill behavior and keep rule in a group setting. Like anything that isn't contained by rules, it too can be misused.

There are those that have taken advantage of the authority given to them and have gone to the extent of abuse; as seen on media sources. Paddles with holes cause more pain, paddles with ridges do the same. The object of Corporal Punishment is to instill discipline not to torture; however some people forget that.

A spanking with a flat board, a set number of times and by a set individual has been found to be the method of choice by 20 states that allow Corporal Punishment in schools.

For years after you've left school, you find yourself talking if not about yourself, others in your school who got a "lick" from the principal or the dean of the school. Today, when we reminisce, it's done with laughter and oddly enough fond memories.

Pro's for Corporal Punishment

  1. A spanking instills fear and in turn, less disruptive behavior in class and more learning.
  2. Some of the studies done on "racial profiling" were done in areas where the number of colored students were higher than whites, so how accurate is that finding?
  3. Many parents today, want to be "friends" with their children and don't discipline at home, making their children disruptive at school and take away from the learning time in the classroom.
  4. Other programs have a large number of repeat offenders, showing that some "play nice" programs don't work in disciplining children.

Cons of Corporal Punishment

  1. As with anything and everything, there have been studies that say that corporal punishment is not a good thing. Most done by human rights organizations get the most notice.
  2. They find that it is a destructive form of discipline and that students of color and disabilities are the main targets of disciplinary action.
  3. Some parents today are quick to say that discipline should be done at home and not at the school.
  4. segregating and punishing the unruly children is counter productive to social development, etc.
  5. Don't use corporal punishment, implement other programs to instill discipline.

So does it work....

Depending on the study and what appears to be " a point of view"; those that fight for the cause of Child Abuse are quick to say no. Others that grew up under the strict rules and spankings believe that it does and say that is why we have so many issues with today's youth. "They never get any discipline and we are creating a generation of undisciplined individuals with lack of moral fiber.


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