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Corporate Slavery Training Center

Updated on May 28, 2020
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Hey, my name is Ahtesham, I have completed my bachelor's study long ago, currently, I am full-time Banker and Part-time Freelancer writer.


The Education System

Those who still mourn Lord Macaulay's education system they should stop their mourning and lamentation for a while and take a closer look at today's modern education system. Their eyes will be wide open with surprise. The moderns Western civilization that has emerged since World War I, It has created a uniform education system all over the world for its survival. Lord Macaulay's education system was of high standard, Separate for rulers and different for subjugated, But the rod of modern education is driving everyone from New York to Sydney together and in the same way. Modern Western civilization is, in fact, the creation of a corporate society based on a usurious economy, and this corporate society considers the whole world as one country, one city, even one neighborhood. Thus, boundaries were created to divide human beings on the basis of color, race and language, and restrictions on entry from one border to another, such as passports, visas, and in out. But the network of 45,000 corporations operating around the world is spread all over the world and the delivery of their capital, the accumulation of a place of profit. Uniformity in wealth creation, even in advertisements, similar slogans and sometimes models are displayed same all over the world.

The Giants

These 45,000 Corporations which are controlled by 500 Basic (Core) Corporations and these 500 core corporations are financed by 20 banks in paper currency and interest based transactions, they have a global colonial agenda in their existence. The main purpose of this agenda is to mold the whole world into a kind of society and civilization. From Sydney and Fiji Island to the beaches of Hawaii, people eat a same variety of burgers, Use pizza chicken and food, wear same jeans, shirts and shoes, Use a kind of perfume, the music should be the same with a slight difference in language, Home maps, furnishings, sports and sportsman all have to be the universally same, because if the quality and purpose of sports, eatable and wearable is not same around the world, their product would not be sold in market. The corporation, which makes just one infamous burger, has 36,899 restaurants around the world and over 70 million visitors come there every day. In these restaurants, about four Lac employees are dressed in the same clothes and wearing the same badges, take a picture of the exterior or interior of a restaurant in any country, You won't find any difference between this and any other country's restaurant. The same is true of other burger makers, pizza sellers and chicken sellers.

The Giants Attraction

Much hard work has been done to create this global environment, and for that, all these capitalists built very high foundations and provided the world an education system that creates young people for these corporations who can fuel it. This modern education system reinforces the idea of ​​a kind of hero in the minds of children studying all over the world, A kind of values ​​gives birth to traditions and environment, Creates kind of lifestyle and attraction to the environment and the people who come out of this education system are completely immersed in this modern Western civilization which is actually the corporate world, they become its admirer and small stones of this empire. This modern system of education has not been created suddenly or automatically, but a lot of hard work has been done for it. it was born in the capital of corporations, the United States, from 1896 to 1920 a small group of American Capitalists set up charities in America and started Provide funding for professorships, research activities in all US universities, and in particular countless schools across the country. The Slogan of Compulsory Education was raised, and campaigns were launched to send every American child to school. These capitalists were spending more on education than the US government. Rocke Feller and Carnegie, the two set up a school system throughout the United States with their own funds. The system was set up so quietly that no educator, politician, intellectual or even teacher could know it. This system of education, which took its full form by the 1920, is fully operational today. Just as Lord Macaulay's education system was design to create such people, those who are natives on the outside and English on the inside and they can be the best clerk or subjugated servant for them. Similarly, the purpose of this modern education system was to give birth to such people, whose goal in life are not knowledge, research, values and tradition but to get success in the corporate world of personal life, they will be its working fuel, they will be able to forget their society, homeland, everything in this whole process, Become a robot who is only interested in himself or his job and organization.

Meaningless Humanity

The Rockefeller Board of Education stated the objectives of this modern education that:

“In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility in our molding hands. The present educational conventions (of intellectual and moral education) fade from our minds, unhampered by traditions we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk, we shall not try to make there people or their children into philosopher or men of learning or men of science. We have not risen up from among them authors, education, poets or men of letters.”

This is a long letter with the sole purpose of acquiring knowledge that can be weighed in the scales of money in the market. All other knowledge is useless whether it teaches you morals or values, or teaches you poetry or fiction writing, reveals the secrets of the universe to you, or the reality of religion, All of this is of no use to any of the 45,000 corporations in the world therefore, they are also meaningless for humanity

© 2020 Ahtesham Soomro


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