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USA - War Profiteering super power

Updated on January 5, 2015

The country's race was far from behind other counter parts in Europe till Europeans started great wars between them.

USA's success is one of the best example of War profiteering and brilliance.

World War 1

Since USA is the land of hope and opportunity , people from all over Europe were migrated and still migrating to USA. By the time World war 1 started there was no support or any intention in the war , also people from both the countries were thriving happily in USA. But the problem started with USA started milking money out of the war.
The country took neutrality in selling arms and goods . Wilson allowed American arms companies to sell arms to both the countries . At the other side of the sea , both the sides were trying to prevent the arms reaching their enemies by sinking the ships carrying arms to them. Germans made a mistake by bombarding one of the passenger ships which had around 125 Americans which radically shifted US people towards Allies.
Moreover Britain were successfully dominating sea which made US hard to sell goods to Central powers.!
It was clear that US were clearly supplying Allies with money , which they spent buying American arms at high prices. By this time Germans were so annoyed and started to bombard US ships in British waters wantedly , and made US declare war.

So the war broke out and American solders were effective in winning the war for Allies with less than a lack of casualties .
America emerged as wealthy power that can decide an outcome of World war.

By User:Hohum [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By User:Hohum [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons | Source

World War 2:

After a successful World war victory , US had learnt how to be profited by another War.
Hitler gave them another change to interfere and profit.

When the war became eventual between powers in Europe, US declared neutrality act at 1936 which allowed US industries to sell non-military products to Europe .

Following the war breakout in Europe, Roosevelt snapped an opportunity and introduced Cash and carry policy which allowed US arms to be sold to anyone give that they pay in cash and they take care of the transport. Us had given large number of destroyers to Britain for agreements signing US land and navy bases in Britain. Now that Us has sided towards Britain it is obvious they don't stand neutral. Hitler declared war on America.
US introduce lend and lease policy with all Allied countries during war for exchange of materials for Money.

Churchill also had some moves that led US involve in World war 2 successfully . He had Americans convinced that once Britain was captured, Us will also be attacked by Hitler . These moves made Us stop supplying oil for Japan. Which made Japanese desperate and attack Pearl harbor .

Americans were supplying oil for the airplanes that attacked Pearl harbor.! This is the only major human loss they had in American soil because of their war profiteering .

Rest assured Americans helped Allies win the war. Once the war was ended , they emerged as a super power with huge money , military bases all over Europe, a part of Germany , moreover a nuclear weapon which demonstrated their superiority over other countries.

After the war ended, the country has got new enemy Soviet , with which they are still fighting with through proxies .


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