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The Covert Way to Persuade People to Do Exactly What You Want

Updated on June 1, 2012

Are you ready for more covert ways to persuade others to do
what you want without them protesting or even realizing that
you will greatly benefit from their actions?

Another way to motivate another to take action is to match what
you want to what they want. The method here is to do it in such
a way that you don’t emphasize what you want at all. What you
want will run in the background as you emphasis the benefits
that the other will achieve for taking the action that you want.
You have to amplify the benefits which they will receive which
should be numerous.

You must also paint a clear picture of those
benefits in the mind of the other until they are so excited that
they cannot resist taking action, in which case the action will be
one which benefits you.

There is a popular saying that states, ‘One should bait the hook
to suit the fish.’ This is where it is important to know the needs
of a person you want to influence. No two people are the same,
and each must be baited with what will drive him to take action.

A mother who wants to persuade her young son to eat more
vegetables tried in numerous ways to get him to eat healthy but
to no avail. Her son had already been thin compared to his other

friends. It was something he spoke about endlessly because it
really troubled him. The others were stronger and because of
their size they were often taken much more seriously. This really
affected his self esteem in the group. Naturally he really had the
desire to become fuller.

One day the mother saw her cue. She said to him, “You know
you are so thin because you eat too many French fries and
chicken nuggets and way too many sweets. Do you know that if
you eat a large plait full of delicious broccoli and spinach with
real chicken or beef you will actually become stronger and
bigger?” Whether this would make him as big as he wanted did
not matter. All that mattered was that she never had to tell him
twice to make him willing to eat more healthy choices as she had

Often we go on job interviews and focus all our attention on what
the company can do for us. One way to create a winning
interview and get offers is to flood the interviewer with the
benefits you can bring.

Before going on the interview take some time to apply the
exercise in, “Becoming your target.” Use your imagination to
sense what sort of employee the interviewer would want for such
a position.

Make a note of it, resonate with those needs, and
then present them at your interview as the qualities you will
bring to the job. Be graphic with as much detail. How can
someone say no to someone who is a match for what they are
already looking for?


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