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Crash Course on Medical Billing

Updated on May 22, 2009

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s predicted that individuals with the background in medical billing will have employment opportunities that “grow much faster than average” for all occupations through 2014.

For those who are looking for a career change, a crash course on medical billing can prepare students with the necessary training and skills to pursue a career in the growing health care industry.

What is Medical Billing?

For the uninitiated, medical billing is the practice of submitting insurance claims to insurance companies for the services rendered by a medical doctor or other health care service providers.

As the whole process of medical billing is tedious, complex and time consuming, more and more doctors elect to outsource the work of medical billing.

And this has opened doors of opportunities for billing specialists to oversee the billing process.

How Do You Get a Crash Course on Medical Billing?

Medical billing requires less education than other careers.

Whether it's a career change or a beginning of medical billing home business, a medical billing certificate is enough to certify your credential.

A crash course on medical billing is a convenient option where you can learn at your own pace, module by module, all at the comfort of your home.

There are various educational institutions that teach the basic of medical billing but one institution that has been trusted by many doctors across the country is Medical Billing

Using its own proprietary program and unique "pay as you go" system, it has prepared students with the necessary skills to perform the complex process of medical billing.

Unlike its counterparts, it also teaches you the rope to the actual day-to-day operations of running a medical billing home business.

As one of the fastest growing careers in the health care industry, the high demand on the job market allows medical billing specialists to earn competitive wages.

At the time of this writing, according to report, the average annual salary range for medical billers is between $28,044 and $34,046 while a medical billing specialist with at least one year experience could earn $10-$15 an hour.

And the numbers are expected to grow.


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