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Creation Versus Evolution

Updated on September 11, 2015

How did we get here?

Is it by creation or by evolution?

If it is by creation, then was all things created from the beginning by God or Nature?

If it is by evolution, then has the evolution machinery stopped and why or is it still functioning?

Some people can ask has the creation machinery stopped?

If yes, then how come the current variations or new species discovered?

These two schools of thought, creationism, and evolutionism, are based on religion and science respectively. Unfortunately, the father of evolution, Charles Darwin, was said to have received some religious teaching. That is he was not ignorant of the religious doctrine of creation before he put forward his theory.

In my unpublished work, in which I journeyed with an unborn child, I remember that a mention was made about the biblical destruction of the world of which only Noah and his family were said to survived so it meant Noah’s ship contained all that God created in twos, even the now extinct species.

This is because it was not recorded that God created anything after the flood. The argument between creation and evolution will continue, although science has recorded that some species can change through gene mutation or other processes/factors. For instance, some bacteria develop resistance to chemotherapeutic agents while some parasites avoid immune destruction by using antigenic variation mechanism through which the parasite is said to change their antigenic makeup or surface coat.

Both schools can agree that living things have innate/adaptive ability to fight for their survival in other for them to continue their existence, if the mechanism fails then the organism maybe at risk of extinction maybe because of diseases or other factors.

Homeostasis is one of such mechanism for humans. There are some birth defects/abnormalities which are recorded among humans and we do not know if we can attribute it to creation or to evolution, that occur as a result of mistakes in genes or other factors during the developmental stages as science teach.

If evolution has stopped among human it maybe because we have device means of assisting the natural mechanism in their combat. This can be by application of drugs and other agents. However, let us imagine what would happen if there is a deadly epidemic and we cannot find a means of supporting our body defense mechanism. The sequelae, depending on the epidemiology of the disease, maybe a massive death and the fear of possible extinction of the human race except our natural defense finds a solution, of which we cannot tell the outcome of such solution.

For instance, it was said that before smallpox vaccine was discovered, most those who suffered smallpox and survived were somewhat disfigured. It is also known that some agents in our environment like Veratrum californicum, a poison that cause cyclopia in animals, drugs like thalidomide which causes Amelia, and some micro-organism cause defects.

We have agents in our environment of which we have to confront at one point or the other. Consequently, there can be a changed environment. Therefore it can be said that God or some other forces, call it what you will, created all things and gave them ability to continue their existence even if it is by manipulating their genes or life just evolved out of nothing and kept evolving as life tried to adjust to the environmental and biological challenges.

We may no longer doubt or question the possibilities of life originating from non-living matter because science has confirmed that prion, an infectious protein, which is less than a virus can cause diseases. We know that proteins or nucleic acids are made up of elements which, we find in our environment as non-living things and the bible rightly said that God created man from the dust which is a non-living thing.

Finally, we do not know how we came here or how we started because creation and evolution are theories and that is why they are in conflict. Nevertheless, we, at least, know that we are here. Therefore, there will be no greater creation or evolution than making the world a better place as we journey through life.


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