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Creative Writing Prompts for High School Students

Updated on August 18, 2012

Most high school students have a lot more things on their mind than what topic they should choose to write about for the essay assigned in English class. However, there are some teenagers that love to write. Either way, high school students will have more success with their writing if they get to write about appropriate topics that truly interest them. Here are some creative writing prompts to use with high school students:

Creative Writing Prompts Lead to More Successful Writing.
Creative Writing Prompts Lead to More Successful Writing. | Source

- If you could spend an entire day with any celebrity or athlete, who would it be and why? What activities would you want to do with this person, and what would you want to talk about with this person?

- A time machine was created, and a person from the 1800's was brought to present times. You were given the job of being their tour guide. How would you explain the differences between the two time periods to this person? How would you explain the technological advances, and how do you think they would respond?

- A new smart phone has just been invented, and it is your dream phone! Write a script for a commercial for this new phone. What would it look like and what features would it have?

- If a genie appeared and said they would grant you 3 wishes, what wishes would you choose and why?

- Write lyrics to a song that describes your normal school day. Also include what genre the song would be in, and give the song a title. (This usually gets a better response than poetry writing with teens)

- Choose an issue at your school that you feel needs improvement. Write a letter addressed to your principal that gives your reasoning for why the issue needs to be changed. Students can even give the letter to the principal if they choose.

- Some people feel that children and teenagers should not be allowed to watch any television shows or play any video games that contain violence, and that these cause harm to our society as a whole. Do you agree or disagree and why? Use specific examples.

- Women are often displayed negatively in the media. Choose a song that is derogatory to women. Print out the lyrics (any vulgar words crossed out), and write an essay about this song. What message does this song REALLY send out? Do you think that songs like this should be written and listened to?

- Do you think that high schools should be allowed to do random drug testing on students? Should all high school athletes be drug tested? Should schools be allowed to search book bags and lockers for drugs and weapons?Why or why not?

- Write about your favorite activity. Convince the reader why they should try this activity and why it is enjoyable.

- How have social media websites (like Facebook and Twitter) changed society? Do you think these changes are a good thing?

-What is your favorite movie and why? Do you like the script, the actors, or other characteristics? Persuade others to watch this film.


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