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Creativity and Movie Remakes

Updated on August 14, 2015
 My sister Ramona, soon to be "Major Treat" She is a fabulous painter. She did some acting / modeling in her earlier years.
My sister Ramona, soon to be "Major Treat" She is a fabulous painter. She did some acting / modeling in her earlier years. | Source

Creativity and Movie Remakes

Today, I am going to get on my soap box and ask, why are we getting all these remade movies? Is it a fad or is it a lack of creativity? Many of the movies we loved are great movies "as is" why remake them? I do think it might be fun for the actors to play a part in a movie they loved. I did go and see "True Grit" I think Jeff Bridges did a great job, and the young girl did a wonderful job also, the bit part characters however didn't do as well. Are movie remakes a severe case of writers block? Or is it a lack of creativity in our younger generation? Or other? I would love to have you all give me feedback on this fad.

On a personal note, I am a painter and writer and belong to the Cottage Grove Art Guild.I really want my son to be creative, so I buy writing and drawing books and educational books for my son. When it comes time for the book fair, I always let him buy one drawing book of the subject he enjoys and I encourage him to be creative. He has already won awards for his art, his friends have asked him to draw Pokemon pictures for them. Johnny wrote his first book at age six called "The Mailman" illustrated with pictures he drew himself. He published it in his school,the teachers were ecstatic. Its not like I push him, just praise and encouragement do the trick. I hope this encourages other moms to promote their child's creative side. I think I might write a hub on how to to's for moms to help their children to be more creative.

My husband says as soon is there is a really cool movie in the theaters hes going to watch it and then after the movie he will walk out and say. " wow, I cant wait to remake this movie!" A typical dry sarcastic remark. I just smile and shake my head. I think these if I was an actor would be fun to play a main character in some historical romance movie.

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