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The powers of God vs Scientific achievements!

Updated on July 31, 2013

The source of all knowledge is God!

We marvel at the invention of computer, internet and mobile phones. No doubt, these are the greatest technological achievements. But, we have not reflected on the greatness of human brain itself which enabled the scientists to invent such technological marvels in the twenty-first century. Now let us examine these inventions versus human brain and the creator as a whole.

In the major philosophical scriptures of the world, it is pointed out that God has created the world, the myriads of beings, flora and fauna. He has invested the human brain with discrimination and reasoning capacity. It is evident that no human being has willed the various faculties inside his body. Most of them are unaware how the various organs and glands inside the body is functioning except those who pursue biology as their main subject and those who pursue medicines. Whether we are aware or not, human brain is the most powerful part in the body. We talk about programs in computer. Many software professionals toil day and night to write important and essential programs for use in computers. Have we ever thought about the billions of activities, the brain undertake each moment. It controls the various functions of the body like the heart, liver, lungs and kidney. It is a great wonder ‘who has programmed the brain to function in this manner. How meticulously, the brain controls the functions of various glands which again control the heart, lungs, liver and kidney? Also the brain undertakes multitasks. It gathers information of the outer world through the senses and with the co-ordination of the mind; it enables the individuals to perform various works.

Now there is a third function. The reactions to various sensory feelings and inputs are carried out. When the individual is frightened, the glands secrete ‘adrenaline’. When one is in anger, heart pumps blood in a speedy manner. His breath becomes short, his facial muscles contract giving an ugly face. The face is reddened, eyes roll in anger. Likewise, when one is attracted by a person of opposite sex, the reactions are ‘increased heart beats’, flushing of the face etc. All the emotions are appropriately dealt in the level of brain in co-ordination with the mind.

Hence the power of our brain is more than a super computer. We have got enormous memory which we fail to develop. In ancient days, without the aid of modern instruments, monumental construction activities were undertaken with perfection. We witness the remnants of ancient architectural achievements in many countries. Our forefathers were expert in astronomy! With manual calculations, they were able to pinpoint the occurrence of eclipse and other planetary movements very precisely. There were no calculators or computers. In the ancient epics, there is mention about even air borne chariots driven by great emperors. Without the aid of fuels and with mere chanting of certain potent formulae, chariots become airborne. In almost all fields and disciplines, our ancients were experts. The present day innovations are made possible since many scientists have formulated theories which acted as a base. Now we will reflect on the powers of the Almighty God who has created all the beings and enabled them to live in perfect sync with ecology. Hence we can never estimate the supreme power of God with our finite mind. While marveling the present day achievements of scientists, we have to remember the Source of all Knowledge who is the creator of the Universe and Cosmos!

The all comprising Form!


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