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Criminal Psychologist Profile

Updated on June 9, 2009

Degrees in Criminal Psychology

Degrees in criminal psychology provide the opportunity for the holder of the degree to dive into the minds of criminals. A criminal psychologist tries to understand why a person commits a crime and the thoughts within the criminal allows them to break the law. Besides the understanding of the internal composition of a criminal, a criminal psychologist attempts to understand a criminal's actions before and after a crime. As a person who seeking a degree in criminal psychology, one can expect to take a rigorous course load with an emphasis on psychology, criminology, and an internship which will give real world and hands on experience with current individuals in the business. The classes may include courses on the following subjects: criminal psychology, sexual violence, domestic and workplace violence, addiction as a dependency, and the principles of human behavior.

Most students continue criminal psychology school for many years and earn a doctorate. Often, after completing their studies, criminal psychologist become part of a team, which focuses on finding and arresting criminals. It is important to note that people who obtain a degree in criminal psychology must be prepared mentally to meet unique, strange, and disturbing situations. Working with criminals or profiling them is a difficult task, but every criminal psychologist is sufficiently prepared through their training program.

The world we live in today is a very violent and sometimes dangerous. Many crimes that take place and actions of the police and other investigative forces are shown on TV shows. These programs may be only a small part of what actually occurs. To assist the police in real life imagine what will be a criminal, criminal psychology comes into play. Here, a psychologist who has the training and knowledge with the understanding of criminal minds will detail the different elements that lead to a criminal committing these crimes. The profiler is based on the criminal psychology of the police to discover the next hit or the next target for criminals. This investigative method is of great help to the police in stopping the criminally insane.


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