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Crops in Hostile Land

Updated on May 7, 2015
Help ! NO MORE Water?
Help ! NO MORE Water?

Climate Change and Dwindling Water Supply

Most profound effects of climate change in the uplands or hilly lands is due to dwindling water supply . Crops planted in this hostile lands suffer from lack of water or die. Those that survived are either stunted or unproductive that lead to crop failure. Subsistence farmers in these areas normally suffers from lack of food and malnutrition. Modern farming to supplant traditional farming practices can't provide the permanent solution to save the crops and lives of the subsistence farmers. One environmental effects of climate change is the variation in rainfall pattern.Areas that were once under wet season becomes dry season or vice versa and sometime the change is so abrupt that subsistence farmers were unprepared to meet the change, heavy rains leads to flooding and landslide.The sudden dry spell does not only destroy crops but put the lives of our farmers endangered.The dry condition in the uplands flees out the already dwindling water supply, vegetation dries up fueled by raising temperature,and drought sets in excusing no one in this hostile land.

How to mitigate the effects of climate change is a question that requires multiple solution and commitment of various stake holders in order to save the lives of our farmers, conserved genetic resources and create a stable aggro Eco-system in the uplands.


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