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Cycles of Creativity and How They Relate To God

Updated on April 8, 2013

The Effects Of Positive And Negative Energy In Creativity

It is certain to me that energy levels run in cycles and they absolutely effect the outcome of creativity in all facets of life. That is purely my own opinion but,similar opinions have been held by others as well. There have been mounds of research done on this subject but proving such theory is not easy. We are dealing with an intangible subject when we look at creative energy and cycles that have an effect on such energy. The subject being intangible is where I place God into the issue. I know that there are many people who do not believe in God but, I do and, I have to think and write from my own believe system. This is not a religious debate but rather a theory.

Placing God into the theory will have to also include the Devil in order to have balance within the idea. This is where I use the terms of positive and negative energy. I believe that God is the positive force and the Devil is the negative force. Again, I have no intention of causing a religious uprising. This is just how I feel and how I can best explain my theory. It can also be described as Light, being God and Dark, being the Devil but, the theory for me is basically the same. Now let us take a look at how the positive and negative energies might influence our creativity.

Attitude Is Everything

Thought processes within one's self have everything to do with how things work out. Our belief system as a whole is what carries us, in a certain way, through all that we encounter as we journey through life. What we think about ourselves and others is the foundation for all we do, no matter how big or how small. We may not acknowledge this as fact but, it is truly the underlying force from within. The approach we take toward everything we do is going to be either a positive force or a negative one. It all depends on what is going on inside our heads and our hearts.

Learning to deal with these unseen forces can set you free from the worry and stress of cycles that seem to block our creative flow. We can learn how these forces are shaping our lives and therefore our work, and by learning we can better cope with whatever task is at hand. A lifetime ago, I was struggling with issues that seemed to beat me down and push me to the brink of extinction. I was lost and unable to cope with all that life was settling on my plate. The world seemed to crush my very soul with all the weight and force of anything and everything that existed within it. I was certain I was doomed.

My Attitude Sucked

I had gotten to a point where I felt closed in and unproductive though I was working regular and functioning enough to make a living. Things just seemed to be beyond my reach and life was not going the way that I expected it should be. I felt myself slipping into a deep depression and I knew that this could be the beginning of my demise. I struggled to keep up a positive front at work and with my friends but on the inside I was falling apart. I turned further inward and began to withdraw from everyone around me. I stopped caring about anything and was living life in motion without being attached to my inner being. I was giving up. My attitude toward everything was simple, who gives a shit anyway?

Like Night And Day

Feeling overwhelmed by issues and events in one's life is a sort of survival instinct. This is the mind's way of notifying you that something is wrong. It does not matter who you are. When the feeling arises you have to deal with it so that it does not consume you. The deteriorating effects of emotional dilemmas can and do work hard on one's physical health. Many times you may not be aware of the underlying problems that are lurking within your body. Best thing anyone can do is to try and stay in tune with your body and mind and be aware of existing positive and negative cycles that definitely have an effect on both. The mind and body work together as do the positive and negative. Now you may ask, "How can that be?", if "MY" belief system thinks the positive is God and the negative is the Devil? My explanation for that is quite simple. We would not know the positive without knowing the negative. You cannot have one without the other. This is more or less a true law of nature. You can not fully appreciate the day without knowing the night.

The Flow And Ebb Within

The biggest picture example, I can think of is to use is, the cycle of life and death as a human being. This is a very broad spectrum but it serves my purpose. There are smaller elements within this broad spectrum that illustrate the whole. Let's take a look at it from a human point of view.


  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Youngster or ages 5-11
  • Pre-teen or junior high school age
  • Teenager or high school age
  • Young adult
  • Adult
  • Mid-life
  • Senior
  • Elder

All of the descriptions above define the cycles of human life. How can anyone think for one second, that there are NO CYCLES. It is too simple. That might be the entire problem with thinking about it. We humans, seem to enjoy making things much more complicated than they really are.

Now let's consider creativity from the simplest view as outlined above. Put the same creative challenge in front of one person from each category of the above outline and you are sure to come up with 10 very unique results. Now question yourself as to whether or not cycles effect productivity. There is no doubt. My point is that we do live in a realm of cycles of energy and, it does have extreme effects on everything we do. Going with the flow of our own inner needs is what can make the difference in all creative challenges. Try to stay in touch with your inner self, and do not deny the flow or ebb of your internal being.

Like the night follows the day so does a lack of creativity follow an outpouring of great creative achievement. It is part of the natural cycles and it is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. I stress again to go with the flow. Let your energy cycles be your guide and you will find a higher sense of being.

Our Educational System Is Lacking On This Subject

I personally find it a sad situation that this subject is not taught as a regular and continuing part of childhood development in our school systems. I actually am appalled by the system of education because of this failure. Our young people are missing out on a very definite attribute that could do nothing more than improve all angles of education if we would only start teaching this subject from the beginning of childhood education. The very approach we take toward structured education only hinders progress within existing cycles.

There is in fact, something to a situation where a child does not feel up to working with a larger group. We often punish the non-participating child, rather than trying to deal with the cause of such behavior. Thus creating baggage within a child's character that can be carried into adulthood and cause continual conflict for that person. The resulting effects hinder progress and retard the student's abilities.

Teach Yourself How To Go With The Flow

A little bit of research on natural law, self help and, creativity, can give anyone a push toward more production and better quality in all fields of creativity. It does not matter if your work is in photography or journalism, fine art or animation, tuning into yourself and understanding how cycles weigh on your personal psyche, can give you the edge needed to soar higher in your desired achievements.


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    • profile image

      I.M.Gib3 7 years ago

      Good stuff.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana


      this is why my favorite saying is...

      Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,

      Life is about dancing in the rain!

    • muley84 profile image

      Michael A Muehleisen 8 years ago from Miami,FL

      Great, informative post. Not many people know this but in the physical universe, EVERYTHING runs in cycles. The mayans knew this, and so did the Egyptians. If you are going through a bad stage of life, don't give up, because it will pass.

    • profile image

      Dylsngf 9 years ago


    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana


      All the glory goes to God from this end. Thanks for reading here. C.S.

    • pastorreachout profile image

      pastorreachout 9 years ago

      C.S. you have come through again. Does God get the glory in this?

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      G-Ma, you are such a gem. Thank you for reading my hub and for the nice compliments. C.S.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Oh my you are such a good writer...and I wish I could express things the way you do...I do it with poems..which can be hard to read; the meanings between the lines.

      I totally agree with this whole hub you have written and is too bad (Or not)  that it takes so much for a person to finally realize the true meaning of life..but then again we are all different and there are 'different strokes for different folks' as the saying goes.

      I believe the children are our true angels here on earth...we teach them to be safe and grow up and they teach us how to be honest and like a child fears or doubts, no hatred, no sadness...just move on and up....G-Ma :o) hugs

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      SweetiePie, Thank you for reading and you are always welcome to come back and read, glad to have you.

      funnebone, I see you have a serious side. That is the cycle and balance thing in action. What was pushing you? C.S.

    • funnebone profile image

      funnebone 9 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

      I was pushed here tonight to find this and read it. Thank you. Fantastic.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Just wonderful insights and I will come back and reread this again later.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      Thanx Louie!

    • Louie Jerome profile image

      Louie Jerome 9 years ago from UK

      Interesting article

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana


      I do think we should check our moods but I also believe that we should allow ourselves a certain degree of expression with all moods as long as we do not go over the edge with our expression.

      It can be very healthy to vent our emotions with care taken to not harm ourselves or others. My way is to try to turn the negative into a positive, even if that means sleeping away a day and winding up with the positive effect of being more rested.

      Thank you for commenting! C.S.

    • profile image

      Rico 9 years ago

      I agree with the bit about attitude. what I also discovered is that your moods also need to be kept in check, as they directly affect your emotional & logical responses.

      Your article reads well. Thanks & Great Job!

      Rico :-)