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DBT BET Exam 2014- Notification, Exam Pattern and Sample Questions

Updated on March 8, 2014
DBT BET JRF exam 2014 - Online test
DBT BET JRF exam 2014 - Online test

DBT BET JRF Exam centers

  1. New Delhi
  2. Kolkata
  3. Guwahati
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Chennai
  6. Pune
  7. Bengaluru
  8. Chandigarh
  9. Lucknow
  10. Patna
  11. Thiruvananthapuram
  12. Ahmedabad.

Conducted by: Department of Biotechnology (DBT) , India (NCCS, Pune)

Name of Examination (Mode of selection) : online test Biotechnology Eligibility Test (BET)

Number of fellowship: 275 JRFs (Top 100 students in merit are given option to join any institute of their choice in the country for pursuing Ph.D+ 175 candidates in merit list to join DBT supported PG teaching universities and DBT institutes)

Fellowships : 16000/- for the first two years (JRF) - 18,000/(SRF) + Contingency grant of Rs.30, 000/- per fellow per annum

No.of years: Five years.

Exam Date: 20 April, 2014

DBT BET JRF 2014 Exam Pattern

DBT-BET JRF : Important Dates to remember

Section B

1. The smallest genome among the plants listed below is that of

(A) Gossypium sp

(B) Oryza sativa

(C) Arabidopsis thaliana

(D) Arachis hypogaea

2. Porins

(A) are cytoskeletal proteins

(B) form channels which allow passage of hydrophilic molecules

(C) are fatty acids

(D) are pores in the stem of a plant

3.You have two distantly related proteins. Which of the following sets is the best for comparing them?

(A) BLOSUM45 or PAM250

(B) BLOSUM45 or PAM1

(C) BLOSUM80 or PAM250

(D) BLOSUM80 or PAM1

DBT BET JRF Sample Questions

Section A

1. The technique for identifying the nucleic acid sequences bound by a DNA/RNA binding protein is

(A) Finger printing

(B) Foot printing

(C) Array printing


2. A peptide bond

(A) has a partial double bond character

(B) is stable in strong acids

(C) occurs most commonly in cis configuration

(D) is cleaved by agents that denature proteins, such as organic solvents and high concentrations of urea.

3. Turner’s syndrome is due to



(C) XO


4. Apart from gas transport Hemoglobin plays an important role in

(A) red cell morphology

(B) blood buffering

(C) globin synthesis

(D) bone marrow regeneration

Introduction to Biotechnology

How to prepare for DBT BET JRF Exam?


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