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DUI Attorney Why You Need One

Updated on April 11, 2011

Were You Involved In a DUI Accident?


If you’ve been involved in a DUI accident your chances of beating your case is real slim. First off, you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs putting yourself in danger as well as others men, women, or children on the road. Judges do not look kindly upon people who show up in court on DUI charges so you cannot laugh it off or get a simple slap on the risk time out unless of course you are a huge celebrity. You went out drinking and partying alone or with friends but your friend is not the one who’s now at risk for jail time. You’re going to need a really great DUI Attorney if you seek any mercy at all because an excellent DUI Attorney with a proven track record can get you little or no time behind bars if your DUI incident did not cause serious harm or property damage.

What DUI Offenses Can Get You


In fact a Dui conviction can get you years behind bars and your driver’s license suspended. If you happen to avoid the years behind bars having your license suspended can be just like going to prison just ask the people who get on crowded busses or trains every morning to go to work or have to pay cabs to go grocery shopping especially in the winter.

What to Look For In a DUI Attorney


Things you should look for in an excellent Dui attorney should be good references from other clients. They should also include the Dui attorney’s background or years of experience along with affordable rates. The Dui attorney’s job is to keep you from doing time in jail or doing too much time in jail, they may or may not be able to avoid your license being suspended; they may not be able to do much for you at all if this is your second or third offense. In fact if you have already had charges against you in the past of DUI you might as well be driving under the influence to rehab to seek help for your alcohol problem.

Why Criticize Celebrities Involved In DUI Offenses?


It’s funny how people criticize the celebrities like Lindsey Lohan for public partying, drinking and drugs knowing that they are probably at home or somewhere doing the same exact thing. They say celebrities are supposed to set examples, in reality celebrities are just normal people who will make mistakes same as you. Celebrities however do tend to get off easy but with the whole world watching you constantly you’d have to have a really serious problem to be a celebrity and continue your downward spiral.

People love to gossip these days, they were saying recently that Brandy Norwood the R&B singer and star of TV’s Moesha Sitcom was at fault because she was driving under the influence but DUI had nothing to do with her incident at all it was just a tragic traffic accident that happens sometimes. DUI accidents occur on the regular and can involve anyone whether you are at fault or just a victim so the best thing to do is just watch your surroundings at all times.

Lets Be Safe for the Holidays


The holidays are usually when the most DUI accidents occur with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner people will catch the holiday buzz and try to relieve stress by drinking. Be safe people and keep others safe by staying in if you are planning on drinking. Let’s all work together to avoid any DUI Accidents for the holidays, of course we know that’s impossible but what if it was?

Fatal DUI Accident


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