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Dallas-Fort Worth Midcities Private Schools - What Are Your Options?

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of 2, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


The Dallas-Fort Worth Midcities area refers to the suburbs between Dallas and Fort Worth. Cities like Grand Prairie, Arlington, Hurst, Irving Colleyville, Bedford, Euless, Hurst and Grapevine, Texas are considered part of the DFW Midcities, stretching more than fifty miles north to south between the twenty to thirty miles between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Families who want to send their children to private school in DFW’s Midcities are usually more than the five mile radius from a private school in Dallas or Fort Worth. What are more convenient private schools in the DFW Midcities for religious Christian families?

Note: This list except for one school does not include secular schools or non-Christian schools. It also does not include schools with fewer than a few hundred students.

Many parents send their children to private school for a higher quality education than the public schools provide or reinforce their religious beliefs.
Many parents send their children to private school for a higher quality education than the public schools provide or reinforce their religious beliefs. | Source

Bethesda Christian School

Bethesda Christian School is a private Christian school on the eastern edge of Fort Worth, Texas, easily accessible to those living in Fort Worth’s immediate suburbs along Highway 820. Bethesda Christian School is located at 4700 North Beach Street in Fort Worth. Unlike many private schools, it does have a bus route through Keller, a Midcities suburb immediately north of the school.

Bethesda Christian School is a K-12 private Protestant school. It offers AP courses, athletics, extracurricular work and college preparatory work. The school is associated with Bethesda Christian church.

Tuition at this school was around $9,000 for first through twelfth grade.

Covenant Christian Academy

Covenant Christian Academy is located at 901 Cheek Sparger Road, Colleyville, Texas, in the heart of the DFW Midcities area.

Covenant Christian Academy serves students pre-K through twelfth grade. Covenant Christian Academy is a non-denominational protestant private school in the DFW Midcities offering a classical curriculum. If you want your children to study logic and classic literature along with science, math and music, this is an excellent choice for your family.

Tuition at Covenant Christian Academy was around $12,500 in first grade and was a little over $14,000 for high school students.

American Heritage Girls is now affiliated with the Lutheran school system.
American Heritage Girls is now affiliated with the Lutheran school system. | Source

Crown of Life Lutheran School

Crown of Life Lutheran School is located at 6605 Pleasant Run Road in Colleyville, Texas. It is associated with Crown of Life Lutheran Church and part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the largest network of private Protestant schools in the United States.

Crown of Life Lutheran School is a K-8 school with a preschool program. Students may move on to Faith Lutheran School in Plano, Texas, a K-12 Lutheran school, or Dallas Lutheran School, a high school outside of the Synod or another private high school.

Tuition for elementary school students was around $9,000 while approaching $10,000 for middle school students.

Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School is a private school in Grapevine, Texas. Its high school is located at 729 East Dallas Road. The elementary and middle school is located at 730 East Worth Street.

Elementary school tuition for this school is around $12,000 per year. Middle school students pay around $13,000. High school tuition approaches $15,000 a year. Unlike many private schools, Grapevine’s Faith Christian School has an organized integration with the homeschooling community, allowing homeschoolers to pay a dramatically reduced rate while formally attending one or two classes per day. This rate depends on how many classes the student takes as well as their age and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Fort Worth Christian School

Fort Worth Christian School is located in North Richland Hills, Texas. Fort Worth Christian School is a pre-K through twelfth grade school.

Fort Worth Christian School is affiliated with the Church of Christ.

Fort Worth Christian School is located at 6200 Holiday Lane, North Richland Hills.

Elementary school students are charged tuition of around $11,000 a year. Middle school costs around $12,000 a year while high school students pay around $13,000 a year to attend.

This school offers far more dual credit and AP classes for its high school students than many other private schools.

Harvest Christian Academy

Harvest Christian Academy is located at 7200 Denton Highway in Fort Worth, Texas. It is within a few miles of North Richland Hills, Hurst and Keller, the eastern Fort Worth suburbs in the DFW Midcities. Harvest Christian Academy is a K-12 private school. It is associated with Harvest Church, a Baptist church.

Kindergarten through third grade tuition is around nine thousand dollars a year. Fourth through eighth grade students are charged ten thousand dollars a year. High school tuition is around $11,000 a year.

Holy Trinity Catholic School

Holy Trinity Catholic School is a Catholic K-8 private school in Grapevine, Texas. It shouldn’t be confused with the over hundred year old Holy Trinity Catholic School at 3815 Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas. The latter is often called HTC Dallas to avoid confusion.

This is Midcities DFW Catholic school sends many of its graduates to Nolan Catholic High School. It is associated with St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, St. Michael Catholic Church, and Good Shepherd Catholic Community.

Tuition for kindergarten through eighth grade is around $9,000 per year. Due to its affiliation with the diocese, Holy Trinity Catholic School in Grapevine has more scholarships and discounts available than other private schools in the area. However, these tuition rates are for Catholics. Tuition is higher for those who are not Catholic. Members of the affiliated churches like St. Michael get a discount on the tuition rate stated below.

Nolan Catholic High School

Nolan Catholic High School is a private co-ed Catholic high school in Fort Worth, Texas. It is associated with the Fort Worth Catholic Diocese. Many of its students come from the DFW Midcities as well as Fort Worth.

This Catholic high school is located at 4501 Bridge Street, Fort Worth, Texas. This large Catholic high school has around a thousand students.

Those who attend supporting parishes pay around $11,000 per year. Catholics who do not attend supporting parishes pay a higher rate. The regular tuition rate is around $14,000 a year.

Temple Christian School

Temple Christian School is a private school in the southern part of Fort Worth, Texas near Loop 820; the school is located at 6824 Randol Mill Road. Over half its students come from Fort Worth, while around a sixth come from Arlington and five percent from Hurst. Temple Christian School draws students from throughout the Midcities, with students coming from Richland Hills, Benbrook, Burleson and Bedford.

This school should not be confused with Temple Christian Academy, located in Flower Mound, Texas.

Temple Christian School is associated with Temple Baptist Church. It is open to students of other denominations.

Annual tuition is around $7,000 for elementary and middle school students. High school students pay around $7,500 per year.

The Oakridge School

The Oakridge School is the only secular school on this list. It is located in Arlington, Texas. The Oakridge School is a private, co-ed K-12 school.

The Oakridge School offers bus routes to the DFW Mid-cities, with bus stops in Colleyville, Duncanville and Mansfield. Because of its accommodation of DFW mid-cities residents via buses, it is included in this list.

Tuition for kindergarteners is around $14,000. For elementary school students in first through fourth grade, tuition is around $19,000. For fifth through eighth grade students, tuition is over $20,000. The high school students are charged over $21,000 a year.

Liberty Christian School

Liberty Christian School is a private school in Argyle, Texas. It is located at 1301 South Highway 377. This school is located north of Flower Mound and Lewisville, suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Liberty Christian School is a K-12 private school. Tuition starts at around $12,000 a year for kindergarteners. First grade tuition jumps to $13,000. In fourth and fifth grades, tuition costs around $14,000. Middle school students are charged about $15,500 a year. High school tuition hovers around $18,000 a year.

Pantego Christian School

The original Pantego Christian School is located in a small city, Pantego, which borders Dalworthington Gardens, both of which are surrounded entirely by Arlington, Texas.

Pantego Christian School is unusual in its structure. It has two elementary schools, one in Mansfield, the other in Arlington. The Arlington Campus is located at 2201 W Park Row in Arlington. The Mansfield Campus is located at 2351 Country Club Drive.

Both feed into its middle school and high school at the Pantego campus.

Kindergarten tuition is a little over ten thousand dollars. In fifth grade, tuition costs over $12,000. High school tuition is over $13,000.

DFW Midcities Private School Closures

The St. Vincent’s School, a conservative Anglican private school in Bedford, Texas, closed at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. The Church at Meadow Creek, previously called Bedford Baptist Temple, had a private K-8 elementary school that closed around 2010. Holy Grail Academy in Dallas County was shut down as a diploma mill in 2014.

These closures are part of a trend seen by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC) where smaller schools are dwindling in enrollment and closing, shoring up or boosting numbers at the larger private schools throughout the state. Schools with fewer than 200 students are closing, while those with 500 or more are expanding.

It is for this reason that I didn't include more than a dozen small religious schools with a hundred to 250 students, due to the odds of their closure in the next few years relative to larger campuses that are stable or thriving.

However, there are still many quality private schools in Dallas-Fort Worth for parents to choose from.


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