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Dangerous Sharks

Updated on February 5, 2017

Dangerous Sharks

When you’re swimming in the deep blue ocean, and you’re really enjoying yourself, the last thing that you want to hear is someone yelling, “Shark ! Shark !” at the top of their lungs. With fear in your heart, you hurry to get out of the water, and when you make it, you feel glad to be alive, and glad that you escaped from the jaws of death. The mere thought of being bitten by a shark, is spine-chilling indeed, but not all sharks pose a threat.

A Shark Could Be Lurking Nearby

Fearsome Creatures

Sharks are fearsome creatures of the deep blue ocean. They are prehistoric predators, and they come in an assortment of various sizes and shapes. They live in all the oceans, and move through the water with tremendous speed. Sharks are very unpredictable, and coming eye to eye with a shark can unnerve one totally. It would be best not to panic when a shark swims towards you at great speed. Try to face it as calmly as possible, if you know that you won’t be able to swim to the safety of the beach in time. If you think you might make it, swim for your life. If not, be prepared to fight the shark. You can punch the shark’s snout, with your fist, or use your fingers to poke at its eyes. Gouge out its eyes, if possible. At that critical moment, do anything that you can think of that will help to fend it off during an attack. Shouting help a couple of times might inspire someone brave enough to come to your aid. Just hang in there, and fight the shark, because you’re fighting for your life.

Terrifying Sharks

Sharks Are Attracted To Blood

A shark heads straight for its victim with amazing speed. It doesn’t always circle its victim before it attacks. Sharks like blood and they also like fish, and sometimes, they will attack and take a big bite out of a human, and they may even kill a human. Attacks on humans are very rare. Never ever swim alone, or in the evenings, or in water where sharks have been seen, and also remember never to swim in bloody water. If you want to swim in the ocean, then swim where there are shark nets, because shark nets offer some protection.

Gray Reef Shark

They Are Solitary By Nature

The great white sharks are enormous, and oh, so majestic, and awe-inspiring. They’re also totally terrifying, and they fill one with dread. They’re one of the most dangerous creatures, and they strike fear into many people. Great white sharks are solitary by nature, and when it comes to their eating habits, they choose to eat mammals, such as seals and whales and dolphins. Great white male sharks are only ready to breed when they’re nine or ten years old, and females only mature when they’re fifteen or sixteen years old. The great white shark can be found in almost all the oceans. They swim in a wide variety of temperatures, and at a wide variety of depths.There are some people who hate sharks, and they call sharks monsters, but sharks are actually quite marvelous, and the ocean is their home, so if you go for a swim in the ocean, be sure to keep a sharp lookout for them, and always be careful, because they might come a bit too close for comfort.

You may be thinking of going for diving lessons, which is great, because the deep blue ocean is like a whole new world of water, and deep sea diving is, and always will be a wonderful experience. Just always try to steer clear of sharks. It would be best to keep out of their way, because you don’t want to be any shark’s tasty snack. The Great White, The Tiger, and The Zambezi sharks are the three species of sharks that are responsible for the majority of attacks. Some shark attacks occur in very deep water, while other attacks occur in waist-deep water, and there are also shark attacks that occur in very shallow water, and that is quite scary.

Blacktip Shark

Use Beaches Where There Are Lifeguards

A shark can spot a diver in the ocean, and think it’s a seal or a dolphin, because a diver in a wet suit and flippers looks a lot like a seal or a dolphin, and because sharks like eating seals and dolphins, it will attack the diver. As a safety precaution, always swim in areas where there are shark nets. Also use beaches where there are lifeguards. Don’t ever swim alone. Sharks feed mainly at night, so don’t ever swim after dark. Also remember never to enter the ocean with an open wound.

Be Alert

The ocean is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s a great feeling to splash in the waves. One feels incredibly refreshed and wonderful after a swim. Swimming in the ocean is also a great way to exercise, especially if one swims for half an hour to an hour. It’s a great way to pass time too, but if one is swimming in the ocean, and one is enjoying oneself, it is very easy to forget that there is dangerous sharks that is also swimming in the ocean so it is always a good idea to be cautious, and to keep a sharp lookout for sharks. Being alert could save one’s life.

Sharks Are Unique

Sharks are able to detect distant vibrations in water with their well-developed lateral line and with their ears. This allows them to correctly locate a flailing fish, swimmer, or surfer in the ocean. Sharks have a great sense of smell, and their hearing is excellent. They are so accurately adjusted to their oceanic environment, and they are such magnificent creatures. They are carnivorous animals. They’re very effective predators, and the ocean is their natural hunting ground. There are over 500 known species of sharks, and each species of sharks have their own astonishing anatomy and distinctive behaviors. Sharks are deft, and they’re also very unique. Their teeth are razor-sharp, and they’re voracious eaters. Their jaws are extremely powerful, and they’re excellent swimmers, and some sharks are exceptionally strong. Some species of sharks will swallow almost anything. Not all sharks eat people, and that is something to be grateful for.


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