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Dark Waters Hide Secrets.

Updated on October 5, 2009

Dark Waters Hold Secrets.



The ocean at night without light
is breathtaking, but ominous,
its ebony liquids unseen,
only whitecaps are visibly faint
in the glow of a fingernail moon.
Just God's leftover clipping
snipped by angels who faithfully groom him.
This remnant most sadly illuminates little
in the dark void of space over waters below
while above just a few stars deposit their richness,
diamond-like in the cloud banks withdrawn.

Thus the only stars left are the starfish
who splay their five points beneath waves,
as they reach for their prey.
Hungry mouths open wide
and all manner of predators
prowl these scary dark waters
as they feed on their own,
the surf's roar hides the screams.

And though it's probably quite safe to take
dips in this cauldron
of life and death struggles,
not only at noontime but deep in the night.
There is always that chance
as you cut through black waters,
that your strokes executed
with very small splashes,
will attract the attention
of a creature who hungers.
One whose brain is the size
of a scrotum quite chilled
from the cold salty waters
and it just might mistake you
for something it normally thinks of as food.

So I'll stay in the hollow depression my buttocks
have formed in this sand dune and dream of cool waters

washing sweat from my brow as the fingernail moon
scrapes its trail cross the sky.


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