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Wild Beasts Yield Hope For Non Traditional Cures - Lasting Gifts Of Medicines For Cancer - Other Conditions

Updated on August 18, 2016
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Barb bypassed traditional drugs and has used Bee Venom Therapy for more than 20 years to keep symptoms from multiple sclerosis at a minimum.

Killer tarantula venom studies may soon give the go ahead for relief of muscular dystrophy sufferers.
Killer tarantula venom studies may soon give the go ahead for relief of muscular dystrophy sufferers. | Source

Out Of The Box Medicine

Medical research has never been as easy as pie, but over the last decade, doctors and scientists have had to rethink almost all of their long-standing traditional methods of sniffing out clues to some of the world’s most baffling diseases. In some ways researchers already had a head start every time someone was bitten by a snake and needed an anti-snake venom or anti-venom serum, because serums,just like vaccines are made using the offending substance that caused the problem in the first place. So the disease hound dogs were on the right track to solving other medical puzzles all along, they just didn’t know it yet. Today researchers are branching far outside of the standard research protocol box into the wild in their search for any existing and viable sources of medicines that have the potential to cure. Cenderitide, a current hot topic in modern clinical trials for heart disease today, was began by using venom from the Eastern Green Mamba, an African tree snake. While the very thought of a green snake, honey bees, tarantulas, scorpions and king cobras are unlikely to appeal to the general human population, it’s that same population and many more who could benefit from the life-saving medicine carried by these wild beasts that roam the earth.

Scientific Methods & The Venom Cure
Scientific Methods & The Venom Cure

You may have to rethink everything you imagine when you think about what a cure is and where it comes from. Prepare yourself to consider new horizons as scientists worldwide have had to do in their relentless search for cures for the most crippling and deadly diseases of this century.


Do You Suffer From Any Form Of Arthritis?

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Arthritis Relief

The nagging, aching pains and sometimes paralyzing agonies of arthritis have long been with us in every age and country around the world. Mostly affecting the joints, hardly anyone escapes the painful touch of arthritis. In fact, anytime one injures one’s self, arthritis is sure to set into the injured area. It may not be noticeable right away but some discomfort will eventually show itself, probably sooner than expected or welcome. There are various types of arthritis that many suffer with. Those most common or familiar are bursitis, gout, tendinitis, tennis elbow and rheumatoid. The current list is long and growing, registering roughly 50 or more known forms of arthritis. While animal venoms have been utilized for ages in much older cultures, modern cultures are just catching up.

Current studies are being conducted utilizing Indian Cobra Venom for the treatment of arthritis. Scientists are of course, excited and just like children are crossing their fingers in anticipation that the studies will reveal results indicating an open door for effective treatment for the countless other forms of arthritis too.

Puffer fish venom could eliminate the side effects from pain killers that cause uncomfortable nausea that is common during chemotherapy treatments.
Puffer fish venom could eliminate the side effects from pain killers that cause uncomfortable nausea that is common during chemotherapy treatments. | Source

Are you open to snake venom as a pain killer alternative?

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Have You Ever Been Infected From Using A Catheter Or Other Medical Gadget?

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Alternative Addictive Pain Killers

Surgeons have long lamented over the need for powerful painkillers during surgery; often having to make the difficult decision of placing the potential addiction problem on a back burner in favor of saving lives in the short term. The entrance of two new studies, one using King Cobra venom,the other using Puffer Fish venom. Both venoms are currently being poked and prodded in hopes of being able to replace the addictive the pain killer morphine used in surgeries. The Puffer Fish venom could also be of valuable use and comfort for patients during chemotherapy treatments because it doesn't have the side effect of nausea commonly experienced with morphine or other commonly used painkillers.

Bacteria Deterrent

Few of us could care less to hear a long-winded scientific dissertation about how amazing the cell structure of a shark is. But we might be interested to learn that scientists currently are developing material that mimics shark’s abrasive skin. The goal is to deter bacterium from from camping out in the medical supplies that are used on you in the doctor’s office or in urinary catheters,tubing and other supplies that you use at home. It has always been assumed that all medical supplies are sterile, but news reports have revealed that this is not always the case. This is great news that can save many from uncomfortable, annoying and sometimes fatal infections.

Bee Venom, previously overlooked as being ineffective against other illnesses,  is now seriously being researched for a cancer cure.
Bee Venom, previously overlooked as being ineffective against other illnesses, is now seriously being researched for a cancer cure. | Source

New Allies Against Cancer

Seems like everyday we’re learning about a loved one or friend who has been tagged with it. Sometimes it seems as if the dreaded “C” word is getting way ahead of us and laughing unkindly as it passes us by. But we would be wrong. Research may be slow going and often is, but in the not so quiet laboratories of cure seekers, there are exciting discoveries being made. Current ongoing studies and preliminary trials using bee venom for general cancer treatment, and the death-stalker scorpion venom specifically for brain cancer give enough reason for all of us to have hope that cancer can be defeated.

Does Someone You Know Have Muscular Dystrophy (MD)?

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Tarantula Venom for Muscular Dystrophy

Millions have watched the Muscular Dystrophy (MD) telethon year after year,for more than two decades, donating to and showing their support for what used to be, Jerry’s Kids. The goal was global promotion and more money for research that would help those with MD. Now after what many kids and their parents must have thought felt like an eternity, some tangible expectation for the future of MD is now on the horizon with ongoing studies using venom from tarantulas.


The deadly venom of the not so plain scorpion, a close relative of the death-stalker scorpion mentioned above is being studied with the scope of being able to provide relief to the many individuals and often entire families suffering with debilitating pain due to inflammation of the pancreas that is symptomatic of pancreatitis.

A Cure Close To Home

While all of this information may seem like fanciful dreams and impossibilities to some, the truth is that once each of these studies are completed and are added into the medical treatment protocols in each country, millions will benefit. That could mean a cure or maybe some pain relief for you, a family member or friend.


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    • Babbyii profile image

      Barb Johnson 2 years ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

      How lucky we all are. Thanks Bill!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      An interesting read. As I read it, I contemplated on how lucky I am healthwise.