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Dealing with Negative Behaviors in Athletics

Updated on November 6, 2011

Introduction The field of sports psychology is one that is vastly researched and studied. It is a field that has proved to be extremely beneficial in assessing various psychological aspects that affect sports and athletes and their performance. It identifies methods that can help to improve the performance of athletes and sportsmen and women.. It also identifies the factors the affect behaviors and performance negatively and aims to identify methods to reduce those negative behaviors.

This paper in particular focuses on the various negative behaviors that athletes in all areas of sports indulge in such as drug and substance abuse as well as cheating and negative attitudes that they display. In addition it also recommends methods of reducing these negative behaviors among athletes. Negative Behaviors Addictive and unhealthy Behavior The most important and most widely indulged in negative behavior among athletes is drug and substance abuse. The use of performance enhancing drugs and alcohol as well as indulgences in gambling, which can be addictive and eating disorders that affect the performance of athletes. In addition another important form of negative behavior in athletes is the kind of sexual relationships that develop and that can then have negative consequences on not just their health but also their performance.

Drug Abuse With so many major public health crises, why should we care if a few elite athletes abuse their bodies? The answer is that the real abuse we are witnessing is that of the public trust. At a time when role models are crumbling, the Olympics should be one of the purest examples of human achievement.


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