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Dealing with stress at University

Updated on August 12, 2013

Finance worries at University

For most students money isn't a worry, if they didn't have much were they cam from they get a big loan to cover them. The loan some students get can allow them to splash out a bit in clothes, TV's and game consoles. The problem is for those students in the middle were their parents make enough not to get a big loan, but they also don't have enough to give the student. They may be forced to get a part time job while studying just to be able to pay rent, not even including food costs. These students come under stress as they still need to be studying but can't on weekends because they are at work all day. This means that they have to put in extra work on other days reducing their spare time for fun and socializing. As well as this other students will say to them come out it's fine just ask your parents for money, this can get annoying as they don't seem to realize not everyone is in the same boat.

There isn't much to overcome money worries as it will only be solved when you have the money. The only thing I would say if you have a part time job then try not to think about needing money.


Parents Expectations

Parents are normally the last to know that they are causing their son / daughter stress, some parents are really proud and like to brag about their kids to friends. However if they go to far and talk about how smart their child is and how they know they will get a first this can put a lot of pressure on the student. Stress in never useful when revising or learning new subjects. If they have got it into their head that they must get a first to impress their parents then any assignments or other marked work that results in less will cause them stress. Not all blame can go to the parents though as they may expect their son / daughter to do well but are okay with them only getting a 2:1 or 2:2.

The best way to overcome this is to speak to your parents about it, just hearing it's okay as long as you try your best can make you feel better. Again this depends on what your parents are like. If you come from a strong academic family then your parents may be pushy and talking to them may cause you more stress. If this is the case then try other members of your family that you get along with, could be an uncle or grandparent. They could also be helpful in getting your parents to stop pressurizing you.


Homesickness / Loneliness

Making friends can be hard for some people especially if they are a really shy person. Not only do they have to make new friends but they also have to stay friends with them. Some people start to feel lonely when they realize that they aren't really proper friends with the people they have met. You might find that some of your friends actually only speak to you when you initiate it, this can make a person want to be back home surrounded by their close friends.

Going home is a solution to homesickness but not if you need to be going home every weekend, really you should only be going home during holiday periods. Some students don't actually wanna go home (except over Xmas periods) but do so because everyone else is. If you feel really lonely at University then you should try and become better friends with a small group of people. It's easiest to become good friends with your flatmates as you will be seeing each other all the time. Otherwise you might want to find the person you most get along with.


For some students they don't usually notice that they are depressed; they are not under so much stress that they show it but they always have something on their mind. You can kind of spot if your slightly depressed by small changes in your attitude.

  • Jokes that wouldn't usually effect you have started to annoy.
  • You find some of your friends annoying for absolutely no reason.
  • You sleep a lot longer than normal.
  • You begin eating less (loosing your appetite quickly).

There isn't really a way to stop yourself from being depressed as it varies from person to person. You should contact your personal tutor who should be able to redirect you to the University depression center. They will have someone that you can talk to to help you overcome your depression. If talking to a professional is scary for you then you can always speak to your family. I would also say friends but these should be long term friends not the friends you have just met at University. Most students won't want to talk to you about your problems especially if you have only known each other for couple months. You also don't want any useless advice like 'man up'. Some people can just make themselves better. They will just tell themselves to stop worrying about things and focus on the good things, this can give you a real boost and its the best idea to try first.

People you can speak to

  • Personal tutor.
  • Residential mentor.
  • University professional.
  • Family.
  • Long term friends.

Did you have any worries at University

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