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Dealing with the Buyer's Market Mentality

Updated on March 11, 2019

As the economy tends to creep farther and farther into a spiral of systematic failure, we start to see a number of patterns emerge in our so-called society. One pattern we notice is that with each day there are a number of hardworking, intelligent, good-with-their-hands people working under someone else who makes easily 3 times as much off of their hardworking employee's efforts, while the employees increasingly get more broke and rely on programs like welfare to get by. Another pattern that we see, which is more psychological, is the one that comes from the "Buyer's Market".

If you haven't noticed the exponentially growing differences in who has money to give and who needs money to live, this Buyer's Market may make everything a lot more clear in the future for you. A buyer's market is a market to where there is a growing number of people in the economy needing jobs for work while the number of people giving jobs are growing less. This creates a bubble in the amount of people who hold the same skill sets as the person next to them (especially if you're just relying on college to teach you anything) wanting jobs, who will work for less just to have a job and gives employers a huge incentive to not pay their workers more for the same work they could get from someone else. The Buyer's market is and will increasingly get more ridiculous, as you see people who can't tie their shoes without paying someone to do it for them get richer while the people on their knees tying the shoes of an incompetent get poorer. Although these "upper" class type of people would love nothing more than for society to switch more towards a "Hunger Games" type of world, this creates an interesting psychology between the two types.

People who have to string along budgets, give up more "luxuries" (like replacing a water heater when you need to) and will probably end up on some sort of government assistance are finding themselves having to work more for far less pay. Along with this package full of incentives, these are also the type of people who get to find work from people who tend to dangle the money you need to pay the bills in front of your face so you may have to do more work than agreed on just to even see that money end up in your wallet. The danglers tend to wait until after you've done some amount of work for them before they pull the "oh by the way, could you add this little extra thing to your list before I give this money to you?" so they can get more work out of you for less money. This gives the danglers a higher probability that you'll end up doing that little extra thing for them just because if you try to say no at that point, you risk them not paying you at all (and the system covers the criminals, not the real victims). You could even complete the good hard work for someone, and they may try to find a way around actually paying you (either partial or in full) in which a lot of the time there's an excuse that comes along with it. The excuse may come in different forms, such as guilt or "oh you called me out on me trying to scam you so I'm going to run away and I don't want to play anymore". Of what should be a simple exchange of work for pay type of schematic eventually turns into a headache of wondering why anyone would want to try anything decent in this system (but don't let the negativity leech into you and make you see incentives to try and do the same to others). All the while, with your bills stacking up and the prices of everything going up too, you may turn to accepting help from our nifty government, and realize it was probably a matter of time before you were going to need assistance to get by.

Let's examine the ones who would love to be called elite. These individuals, or families even, have grown increasingly more dependent on the system than anyone. They NEED people who are hardworking individuals to fix their meals, appliances or even do general labor for them because they don't have a clue as to where to begin if they'd try to on their own. They'll use the excuse of "well I could just pay someone to do that, that's why I work/screw people out of money to earn my living". From this however, they are only hurting themselves, as the currency they now hold in their wallets may soon be turned into cruddy toilet paper and if they were to try to do anything that could keep them going from day-to-day they'd find themselves scratching their heads wondering where to even begin. If this type of person is the type to still manage to swindle a few extra dollars out of someone who does good work for them, they are, speaking on sheer probability, the most insecure individuals around and find that if they can try and make someone feel the way they do for even a second it could make them feel better about themselves. These were the type of kids who were easy to pick out on the playground, and they tend to act the same far into adulthood as their maturity rate never actually sped up. Because we now live in a society that's increasingly getting more "wussified", these are the types of kids who will grow up to be successful in this kind of system (and it should make everyone else question the system even MORE).

When you do work for someone who may be a swindler or dangler, remember these few tips:

1. Never let them know how much smarter you are than them. If you need to at any point of your contractual agreement spring it out that you have a brain with a few thoughts, never do it unless it will give you some sort of upper edge (which isn't hard to get on these people, but remember you can't argue with stupid you end up looking like it).

2. If you have to call them out on their BS (keeping rule number 1 in mind), brace yourself for their "shock and awe" reaction. These types of people are usually thinking they've got you figured out, that they're smarter than you or that they'll be able to continually get one up on you, so when you throw them any kind of curve ball they are certainly not prepared as to how to react. This would be the perfect time to catch them in their lies, or whatever your edge is, in order to gain an upper hand for once.

3. Prepare yourself for the denial phase. These types of people will deny, deny, deny, even if their life depended on telling the truth they still wouldn't. This is the time when having a quicker than average brain could come in handy, along with knowing all the details of whatever you're involved in (such as what exact work you did on what date, how long, etc).

4. Brace for the emotional phase. After you've called someone out for trying to beat around the bush with money you're owed or the hard work you've done, these people may try to pull some kind of "oh but I thought you liked me" kind of statement. This guilt phase is the last phase before you start to see their ugly side (yes, it gets uglier).

5. Dealing with the ugly side can be...annoying at times, but you just have to keep on track with your details, be as straight forward as possible with them and most importantly don't let them get ahold of your emotions. Don't let people like this bother you, especially at that point because the worst thing that could happen to you with them is they don't pay you for your completed services (and never go into a job thinking it's a sure thing you'll get paid, you may just get disappointed in the end especially with these types of people who hold control over the money).

If you are one of those hardworking individuals trying to keep your family's neck afloat in the growing river of systematic stupidity, your best route may be to just leave the system to die as much as possible. Remember, the people relying on you to tie their shoes for them....are RELYING on YOU to tie their shoes for them. Without you and your hard work breaking your back doing whatever it takes to keep the survival rate of your family, the system wouldn't exist for people to take advantage of you. Once you realize this system is rigged to help the greedy be more greedy, the "real" lazy stay lazy and those who have no skills or ambitions to acquire skills and fake ambitions, you may just feel it's easier and smarter to take care of your livelihood in another direction. Instead of paying for GMO infested food, you could grow your food. Go online an learn about some Tesla patents and create your own energy. Build a home from the ground under your feet instead of relying on home-improvement stores to fix the homes that keep you in perpetual debt each year. Find people around you who may be like-minded enough to try to make some real change like you may want to do. At this point, what's easier...going through the Buyer's Market headache or working for yourself?

© 2019 Chrissy


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