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Dear Buddah

Updated on July 29, 2015

Dear Buddah

Dear Buddha
I come to you naked in thought motive and action
Transparent in thought motive and action guide
Me as I Love you this is me Nkosinathi Renaissance me Ncala.
Right thought right motive right
action .
As Buddha said "I am not not a God use my
teachings as a vessel and find your path to
enlightenment ‎and inner peace.
Take nothing from this earth.
We eat pork we kill pigs
We eat beef we kill cows
We eat eggs we kill chickens
Peace to the Buddhists.
Perhaps the state of mind we are in when we are
All‎ alone I. Bedrooms praying and on our knees
When in that state of mind naked before God
Bearing all our dreams fears and
When we are in reality all Souls we meet strangers
And loved one we should treat them as though we
are converting with God .how could we ever hate
or hurt another soul in a prayer state of mind.
Perhaps when we say grace at breakfast when we
having bread yeast eggs from chickens bacon
from pigs oil from sunflower plants we should
thank god for the life the life that sacrificed for our
Lunch lamb stake mutton pray for the off spring of
the lamb or sheep that was sacrificed .
Taking nothing for granted every the air that we
breathe ‎and the time we have on earth.
What or how we picture Heaven to be
Should be our Reality on Earth.
Imagine if you had everything you ever desired.?
What us your life worth.
Cherish every moment every breath.
Plant a seed in fertile Soil with time if nurtured
It will grow, and wild life and mankind shall thrive.
God Poet Nkosi


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