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Dear Socrates

Updated on July 29, 2015

Dear Socrates

Dear Socrates
(The Freedom of Knowledge).
The impulse of emotion and feelings
Shaping our reasoning personality ‎as
Well as actions.
The symbols in our minds are a reflection of what Lies ,
In our Hearts, simultaneously shaping the world
Around US and Our REALITY.
The Mind.
Wit humor pain grief bliss psychosis and mania.
Knowledge *ucked ignorance,
Giving birth to the off spring today known
As the offspring of the world,as we know it today
Civilized Democratic 3rd world and 1st world.
With all the minerals land game wild and Tame .
Decade after decade we elect corrupt politicians.
Elections are rigged.
How can our babies be healthy,when the mothers
Diet and health care is neglected from inception
While the soul in the womb.
Pray as Hard as you work.
When the world gets cold and lonely,
And you can't tell the difference between the
Real and the phoney.
Take the lessons as an essence,
Some blessings are not wrapped up as gifts,
They may bring pain and paranoia, with time
You will heal.

Love to the Freedom of Knowledge
Gods Poet Nkosi


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