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Dearest Reason ( Reason within Meaning).

Updated on June 4, 2015

Africa Poetry and urban Conciousness


Reason ( Reason within Meaning)

‎Dearest Reason ( Reason within Meaning).

You amuse Intellect.
Startle doubt, giving faith to hope.

What makes a man stand on a chair tie a rope
around his neck‎, when his bride cheated, was she
thinking ‎about their daughter and their son.‎Daddy's gone.

The bills are pilling up, was it worth it.
A moment of passion a lifetime of regrets.‎

Does God or the Universe ever forsake us?
Are we victims of our deepest desires?
We hurt others not knowing, the goodness
within US is fading.....‎

Loving unconditionally, consciously the
consequence ‎living with no regrets, priceless.
What's your life worth?
What lies in your heart manifests in your dreams,‎
reality‎ God forbid your nightmares.‎


When what we have is not ours for eternity.
What makes the man?
A good bride.

What breaks a family burying a child, their
dreams should never be forgotten.‎
What are we living for? Glory.

What are we fighting for?‎
Are we at war with ourselves, or has the evil
in thought and motive won the battle.?

What we have could that be what we deserve?
Is ambition the seed and birth of greed?‎Why fear evil ( Lucifer) when we are created in the ‎image of the most pure and high‎ ( a child).‎

Dreams only shatter when they are not nurtured.

Tears comfort us when our most loved ones ‎let us ‎down, do they really care and love us?
Why is it that love comes with so much pain‎
and heart ache?

Perhaps Love is the garden of Eden, a man
is Adam a women is Eve and the birth of our
children is the fall of Mankind.


Dearest Reason ( Reason within Meaning).‎
Guide me through my trails and tribulations.
Comfort me.
Inspire me. ‎
Give me hope when all else in my life has failed

Mkhulu Reason Sizwe Happy Birthday 30 June

Love from a fellow POET Nkosinathi

Emcee Heavenly THOUGHT....‎‎

Blessings Laughter and Endless Comfort
Inspiration and Hard Work, and fruits of
satisfaction and gratitude.‎



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