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Deja vu, How it is related to "Time Travel " and "Life and Death"?

Updated on May 10, 2017

Why does Deja vu exist?

One's life is made up of series of choices. These choices are basically yes or no. One yes or no can open many alternate choices. Example after you have chosen yes then another yes or no choice will pop up. What if we have already chosen all choices and were just trap in an infinite time loop? This explains why "Deja vu" exist. We are doing things over and over again.

When we die, where do we go?, in religion, they say that every living thing has a soul. When this living things die, well especially people, they will ascend to Heaven or will be punished in Hell for all eternity based on how they lived in the world of the living. What bugs me in this belief is, its only saying what will happen to people, but how about animals and plants. Are they just a gonna go to heaven because they dont know whats right or wrong? Or all snakes will burn in hell because it was written that snakes represent evil? Some say living things are reincarnated, but how can this explain the sudden bloom in population? If its not true then where do people really go when they die?

Time Travel. Yes! Time Travel. When we die, we go back time by the time we were born. This explains why we feel Deja Vu.

Since start of time everything is fixed. Every living thing has they're own infinite time loop theyre trapped in. Well everybody does. Ever heard of a saying "Nothing is permanent, except change"? Yes change. Everything is changing everyday, every hour, every minute. We just can't notice it because of certain factors.Even though every one has they're own time loop, were all connected. Every choice we make will have an effect to others. Some are direct, others are very small changes that's impossible to notice. Try to do unexpected things like talking to someone you don't know. You will bring change to that person because he/she already met you even though it wasn't suppose to happen. Well you tried it because you read this article :).

Types of Deja vu

  • déjà entendu already heard
  • déjà éprouvé already tried or attempted
  • déjà fait already done or accomplished
  • déjà pensé already thought or pondered
  • déjà raconté already recounted or told
  • déjà senti already felt (as in I have felt this way)
  • déjà su already known (intellectually)
  • déjà trouvé already met
  • déjà vécu already lived through or experienced
  • déjà voulu already wanted
  • déjà arrivé already happened
  • déjà connu already known (personal knowing)
  • déjà dit already said/ spoken (content of speech)
  • déjà gôuté already tasted
  • déjà lu already read
  • déjà parlé already spoken (act of speech)
  • déjà presenti already "sensed" (or had a presentiment)
  • déjà rencontré already met
  • déjà rêvé already dreamt
  • déjà visité already visited


When does Deja vu happen?

From my perspective, Deja vu is composed of events that contribute huge changes in one's life. Unforgettable moments that even though we die and go back to the time we were born, were still familiar with those events. Maybe some life changing events, horrifying events, or even the funniest moments. This events are tattooed to our own being and we can't ever forget it.

I will share one of my deja vu moments that happened in my college days. Its from when we went in one of our school trips. A week before that trip, I'm feeling the unexplained uneasiness of my body. I feel very anxious as the day goes by. I felt extreme anxiousness the day before that trip. My friends also notice that I'm not in the mood, I told them that there's something bad that's going to happen to me, I just didn't know that time what it is. I forgot to mention that I had poor eyesight and I don't use glasses at that time. We went to the convention, everything went fine until, we've gone to the mall. We were wind shopping, until we stopped to watch people who were ice skating. I felt the cold might have affected my eyesight everything went blur. My friend were gone. I think they didn't notice me. I'm lost, and my head is aching like crazy through my eyeballs. It's safe to say I'm lost. I just sit there for like 2 hours. Finally I saw my friends. I was really embarrassed. Its an embarrassing moment for me, as well as a life changing because I realize that I need a pair of glasses.

The Deja vu that is experienced was two types. One is the feeling in my gut, which I have shared in the last paragraph. The other one is from my dreams. I dream of people that I met. This are the people that gave me unforgettable feelings, such as first love, closest friends, etc.

Hope you've enjoyed it :)

I would really appreciate it if you guys will also share your Deja vu moments.

Let's discuss this events and if your feeling that something not good is going to happen, We might just guess what it is and how to avoid it from happening.


© 2017 Rowel Jonar Gimeno


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