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History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, visualizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity.

Cicero (about 64 B.C.)

History is time itself. From the beginning of time we've had something to look back to. Something to drive ideas from. Something to inspire us. We've always have something to learn from.

The passing of time has brought us the hope of having a better world to live in. From reading the textbooks that are given to us in school, we've been given a plethora of outlined frame to derive knowledge from throughout time. As we grow older, we grow stronger and wiser. So history goes. Later in time we can handle the different tides of history. We learn the horrible truths of human beings and how we used to treat each other. How we learn from our mistakes, only to create new ones. History has kept us in reality, guided us to a progressive future, and held the flows of time in its hard cold grasp.

History has been able to guide us, not only through the future, but to the future. It often brightens reality, even if the source can be as dark as the shadows it lurked in. We have known that as the future progresses we gain new technology and new logic. New tools and new ways of word. Naturally, such progressive reflects the standards of growth our globe has prevailed through. The stone wheels of yesterday have turned to the rubber of today. The witch door herbs are now vaccinations. Our eyes being tricked into the sun revolving around us, when it's the other way around. The tiny dot that makes up our insignificant existence in the mass universe collection of space.

All such progress so slow in a lifetime, yet a snap of finger to the whole space timeline.

History also visualizes vivid memories in us. The crystal memories we hold are all part of history, the history that only which we've lived. Only which we've shared. Only which we've thought about over and over, trying to hold on to the feelings of remembrance. History is our childhood and younger days. History is remembering the smell of the blossoms outside or the warm dinner after a long day. Even yesterday is history. Now, nothing but a memory. Our memory. History provides us with guidance in our everyday lives. How to walk, how to talk, act, treat others, and how to grow success are all traits passed down from those who've come before us. Society shapes out of the ideas of the prior generation and continues to grow with the current. The future generation will then shoulder the burden of keeping the flow of time moving.

History still has to keep teaching us. For it has no choice but to present the memories of the past and hope those new to the world will learn from the mistakes and the regrets. The chaos of the world repeats. Like static on a television. Some will regret the past teachings and create new ones. Some will ignore the past memories and look toward the future. Some will sit in a hole and wallow in the past as nothing but a depression shadow. Some will. Some won't. Some will embrace the world with a bold light-bathed face while others will fall into the blackness of uncertainty.

There's no right. There's no wrong. There's only a continuation of understanding the misunderstanding and misunderstanding the understanding. Yet history has shown us that we are learning and will keep learning to help create a world worthy of the memories we keep.

History will continue to write itself and we will continue to progress day after day. What choice do we have? We're only humans surviving and thriving as we do. We will create our future and progress through time. Same as always. Maybe add some flare here and there to make things exciting. The world waits for no one. No soul has the right to stop time or reverse it. There's hope and despair. Pain and warmth. Happiness and sadness. Being defeated and rising up again.

Humans rise up. History has taught us so. They will continue to rise up, even if the tales of yesteryear are forgotten. History is a dance that keeps on turning the same loop. There is conflict. There is war. There is revolution.

There is conflict. There is war. There is revolution.

One more time.

There is conflict. There is war. There is revolution.

© 2019 Julie Maxwell


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